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Account Help

How do I change my password?

The password changing utility is available from the main menu. You can also access it here

I've forgotten my password

Use the forgotten password utility. Additional help is documented here

How do I upload a picture?

You may upload a JPEG (.jpg) or PNG (.png) format picture via the Change Picture utility, available from the main menu. You can also access is here

How do I edit my profile?

The profile editing utility is available from the main menu, you can also access it here

Your page can contain whatever information you want to write about (as long as it does not conflict with the Terms of Use or the Content rules. A selection of formatting BBCode is available should you wish to spruce up your page with larger headers, bold text or dynamic content from the database. You are permitted up to 10000 characters of text input.

How do I get an artist account?


Just upload a module of of your own creation via the upload system and validate that you are the owner. After your upload has completed successfully, your account will be an artist account.

If you do not have any new modules to add but you have found your modules archived on The Mod Archive (without association to an account*) you will need to get in touch via our Help & Support Forum, we can then:
  • Update your currently registered account to an artist account
  • Assist you with associating orphaned modules to your account.

''* This happened during the initial site
migration back in 2004.''

How do I cancel/suspend my account?

We don't cancel or suspend accounts unless we see fit to do so. You are completely responsible for the content on your profile so you can always edit or remove any information you do not wish to be publicly visible there.

How do I remove my modules?