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Reviewing Help

Writing a review

Selecting any module on the archive will lead you to it's information page where upon you will find the Write a Review link. You may use this to go straight to the review input page.

While writing a review, you can save it incomplete, and come back to it at a later time to continue. The review system will notify you that certain fields are incomplete. If you browse to your list of your own reviews you will find the unfinished reviews marked in a different colour, and with the Unpublished link highlighted. Opening these for editing again will load your saved data so that you can continue writing the review.

Reviews are checked by the crew before being released in order to maintain a reasonable level of content quality. If the review is returned to you, there is always feedback from the crew regarding what needs to be addressed.

Poor grammar or spelling is quite often the cause for reviews to be returned. There is no excuse not to do a simple spell-check! Browsers like FireFox have the ability to spellcheck on the fly.

We are aware that many of you are international visitors and do not speak or write English as a first language, so our crew is on hand to help by providing feedback with the returned review - although they cannot edit the reviews themselves.

Advice on reviewing

You can find some useful tips on review writing here and here