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What is screening?

Screening is the process of manually reviewing (checking) all uploads before being released into the archive (or rejected). It is a human task, and helps to ensure a base minimum of quality is archived.

What criteria do the crew check for in uploaded modules?

The main criteria is quality. Quality is subjective, we know, but we have had the screening concept since the very beginning of The Mod Archive and it has helped in reducing the amount of trash tremendously (you probably have no idea just how bad or inappropriate some uploads have been).

However, the crew are also given the Mod Archive screening policy as a guide to decide how to deal with module uploads.

I disagree with the rejection of my module

Tough! :-)

How long does it take to screen new uploads?

There is no guaranteed turnaround time. The screening crew will do them as and when they have the time. There is no obligation for the crew to do them within a certain time frame, however uploads are screened regularly and usually within a reasonable period. Please don't bug us about your uploads unless we're talking over a week of waiting.