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Upload Guide

MIDI Conversions

We kindly request that you do not upload automatically converted MIDI music to the MOD archive. If the original format was not a module, we're not interested. The Mod Archive strives to showcase tracker skill, not how good you are with a conversion application.

Similarly, do not upload direct SPC conversion made with OpenSPC or similar tools.

File Compression

If you wish to use file compression, the supported compression type is ZIP (pkzip/Winzip). You may upload up to 25MB of compressed modules in a single ZIP archive as long as it has no sub-directories. All other non-module content is discarded. You can upload uncompressed modules individually as long as the individual module does not exceed 15 megabytes in size after compression. You will be notified if there is a problem with the file size after the upload is complete.

Supported Formats

These are listed on our upload page

File naming conventions

Note to artists: Please PLEASE prefix your files with your artist name! It helps us help you in the long run. The accepted format is: artist_name_-_module_filename.format

  • Please use plain English alphanumerical letters and numbers in file names.
  • Hyphen (-) and underscore (_) are permitted.
  • Do not use more than one period ( . ) in your file name. This is reserved for the 3 letter file extension.
  • Help us avoid file name collisions and the resulting uglyname. Prefix the module with the name of the artist if possible, as mentioned above (artist_name_-_module_filename.format).