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Author Topic: Read before posting: Confirmed bugs and issues in v0.90.80  (Read 5244 times)

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The following bugs and issues have been confirmed for MilkyTracker release v0.90.80:

  • 0xy arpeggio replay difference comparing to FT2 when song speed is 16 or higher.
  • A typo in the PDA GUI: the extended keyboard Backline button reads "Bacline".
  • Certain hot words in song titles may still cause incorrect module format detection.
    • Just report the cases.
  • E3x glissando control is not implemented.
  • E4x vibrato control is not implemented.
  • E7x tremolo control is not implemented.
  • Fixed. Instrument fadeout value initially doesn't match the slider position when adding new instruments to a loaded module.
  • Fixed. Instrument vibrato depth value gets doubled when copying instruments.
  • Fixed. On some systems, JACK client thread gets zombified and playback is blocked.
  • Portamento overflow "effect" isn't reproduced.
  • Fixed. ROTATE90CW orientation option causes a seg-fault in the SDL version.
  • Fixed. Selecting an instrument with the numpad doesn't update the instrument or sample editors with the selected instrument, but with the previous one.
  • Simultaneous E6x pattern loop and EEy pattern delay replay differs from Ft2.
  • Slight replay differences when volume column effects are used in conjunction with EDx note delay
  • Fixed. System message dialogs will partially freeze pointer input.
  • Fixed. The DUMB library and Renoise (and possibly others) can't load .MODs saved from MilkyTracker.
  • Fixed. Undefined .XM sample type 0x3 causes sample loop to appear "one shot" (unsupported by .XM) while playback is "ping pong".
  • Volume ramping checkbox isn't cleared and dimmed when using Amiga resamplers for playback.
    • Volume ramping is always off for Amiga modes
  • Fixed. When jamming, notes can be triggered between player ticks, which makes them silent until the next tick causing the beginning of the sample to be skipped.
  • Fixed. When recording, key-offs for previous notes on a channel can appear and cut currently playing ones.

Fixed. = Fixed in the following release.
New. = Added since previous list update.
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