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What's new?

The 4th generation of The Mod Archive ushers in some new features, but mainly the purpose was a redesign of the look and feel of the website. To name a few improvements/features:

New: Minibox

Enable/Disable some of the site's features from an easily accessible floating menu. Hide it if you want, you can also disable it automatically from within your account settings.

New: Shoutwall

Each member has a Shoutwall, this is is like a combination of a shoutbox and graffiti wall. Members can interact on any member shoutwall, whether that be with the owner of the wall or otherwise. You also get an Ignore/Block list if you feel the need to use it. If you do not want a shoutwall on your profile, you can disable it from within your account settings.

New: Genre Filters

When searching or browsing the archive, you now get the option to set a single Genre filter. You can specify which genre you want to return results from from the Show Filters fold-out menus available on the Search pages.

Improved: The look!

Need I say more...

Improved: Profiles.

Not only are profiles a lot easier to navigate, but now the list of modules for artist profiles is put onto a separate section available from the tabs within the profile. Artist and member statistics are tidily presented, and should you have been fortunate enough to be a featured artist - you get to see an overview of the dates on which you were previously featured.

Improved: Module pages

A gross overhaul of the module information pages has meant there has been opportunities to expand the information on the individual module pages. You can now see who has favourited the module, the comments and reviews etc...

Improved: Artist area (Module management) and Creative Commons License attribution

Continuing the development of the area for artists, the license attribution system is now a lot easier to use, artists now get a much easier overview of which of your modules have not yet been attributed to a license. You also get to see which modules have been nominated/featured by the Crew, and also your overall review and comment scores left by the members.

Improved: Artist sign up.

Removed. Instead you, as a member, upload a module. If you claim ownership of the module then your profile automatically becomes an artist profile. If you don't have any additional modules to add to your profile and you don't yet have an artist account, simply get in touch via the forums and a crew member will take care of it for you.

Improved: Reviewing.

No need to register for a reviewer account. Any member can review. Just go to a module page and click the link under Your Reviews.

Improved: Upload system.

Far more feedback, and in a tidier report style than before.

Improved: Far more tooling for crewing the site.

Crew members (whilst only a couple of us) can now handle some tasks a lot more easily.

Improved: Genre List.

Now displays the number of modules within the genre.

Improved: Favourites system

Far more favourites can be added, currently up to 500 per member and we'll probably extend that as needed. A much nicer overview of favourites and the ability to see a list of all members with favourites.