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Artist Help

Uploading and Adding a module

As you have a member account, you are eligible to upload modules to the server. In order to upload one, open up the upload panel, choose a module from your computer and then press the Upload button. If you have several you want to upload in one go, then just drop them all into a single zip file. The zip files can be up to a maximum of 12 megabytes in size. Individual modules can be up to a maximum of 8 megabytes in size when compressed with ZIP. Do remember to un-check the tick box near the bottom if you are uploading some public domain works that are not your own!.

Adding archived modules to your profile

It's quite likely that a few of your modules may already be in the archive, since it has been collecting PD and scene releases for a number of years. To get around this problem, you are able to retro-fit your modules onto your profile by means of the Add Module feature under the Artist menu.

Using this page, you can input your modules one by one - using their unique Mod Archive Module ID numbers. You can locate these numbers both from the search results and the individual module information pages.

When inputting your module ID number, you are given the possibility of validating it - by moving the mouse and clicking away from the input box, the page will send a query off to the database which in turn will tell you which module you are associating, or if you have made an error.

Please make sure you do not paste any blank spaces into the Add Module box, as it is possible that the spaces will cause the check to fail.

Note If you have more than 10 modules of yours appearing in the Guessed Artist search, you can ask to have all of those to be automatically added to your profile via the Help forum. It'll save you a lot of work! Just let us know your alias(es) and your account ID number (see your profile page for that), and post here

Setting the Genre and description

You are given the opportunity to write a description/comment on your own module by means of the Edit tool. This tool is linked next to the Download link of each module when you view your list of modules from within your Artist Area.

You can also set the Genre from within this tool.