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Artist Account Help

How do I get an artist account?

Please see this page

What is an artist account for?

You can add modules to your own personalized page when you have an Artist Account, but you must be aware that you should only be adding modules to your account that are your own creations.

How do I upload a module?

See the Uploading FAQ.

How do I edit a module?

From the main menu, navigate to My Account->My Artist Area->Manage my Modules.

From within the Manage my Modules area, you are able to view the detailed information about your module and:
  • Write a description
  • Set the Genre
  • Set the License Attribution

How do I associate a module that is on the archive but not on my profile to my account?

Provide the list of module ID numbers and your artist ID in a post on the Help and Support forum.

If you have a bunch of modules that have the 'guessed artist' set, and you are certain it is you, we can bulk-attribute these modules to your account upon request (please use the forum, and tell us both the guessed-artist alias, and your user ID number).

Can I associate a module to more than one account?

Yes. There may be a situation where you have joint ownership of a module (co-op composition, for example). This is catered for. Each owner should follow the solution described in the previous item.

How do I attribute a license to my module?

The Mod Archive supports the Creative Commons Licenses so that on top of the original Mod Archive Distribution license (which is for redistribution), you can indicate to third parties (such as developers, re-mixers, composers etc.) whether use of your material by a third party is permitted.

To attribute a license: From the main menu, navigate to My Account->My Artist Area->Manage my Modules.

Within the Manage my Modules area, you will see small drop-down menus for each module which has no attributed license (it is optional). If you wish to view detailed information about the licenses, each module has a View License Details link. From within this utility, you can set the license as well.

Please note that you can only set the license once, and you cannot unset a license once you have done so.

We do not enable licenses to be changed to protect those third parties that may depend upon the proclamation of license on this website.