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**** Censor? WTF is this madness?

How do I get rid of this nonsense?

First of all, you can disable this temporarily here, to make this permanent, you need to be logged in and update your account settings.

Why are swear words filtered/censored?

This is the most ludicrous feature we were bullied into implementing. In retrospect I really shouldn't have been such a push over, I was in a pretty vulnerable state and an exchange between some religious evangelists and myself lead to this, the tactics they employed were hideous and mean. They know who they are, and they should be ashamed. - m0d

Censor Disclaimer

This measure is provided for "convenience" only and does not guarantee any assurance as per our Terms of Service. Basically, if you don't like what is on the site, you are cordially invited to browse away from the site and never return eveerrrrr!. Complaints will be routed to /dev/null.