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Compatibility Notice

This site is designed to function with FireFox and Opera Web browsers at a resolution of 1024x768. However the site is mostly adjustable with the exception of the tabulated data which has an absolute minimum it will shrink to.

Internet Explorer 6 Users:

This also applies to other browsers that do not confirm to W3C standards

Incompatibilities arising due to Internet Explorer 6's faults with compliance to standards may cause users of this browser to have reduced functionality and faulty display (i.e rounded borders being not-so-rounded). We will not be implementing Internet Explorer CSS "hacks" in order to cater for it's severe shortcomings. Doing so will certainly render a non future-proof non-W3C compliant website for the properly compliant browsers.

It is also in your best interest to stop using IE6 due to the many easily exploitable security holes, either upgrade to IE7 or switch to one of the browsers recommended below

The site has been tested with the following free browsers: