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Daydreams (saga_musix_-_daydreams.it)

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  • saga_musix_-_daydreams.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 7.99MB in size and has been downloaded 3362 times since Mon 31st Dec 2012 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 173213
  • Downloads: 3362
  • Favourited: 9 times
  • MD5: 11ac07fec557ead215d4952fc39fe1a9
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 53
  • Uncompressed Size: 7.99MB
  • Genre: Pop - Synth

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artist A dreamy and melancholic synthpop ballad, which won the tracked music compo at the Ultimate Meeting 2012. - Saga Musix

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member Posted by Solaris on Tue 13th May 2014, rated 10 / 10.

Woah! Really nice one here!! HQ samples indeed, very nicely structured and the instruments are well programmed!

member Posted by publiccoolsystem on Mon 21st Jan 2013, rated 9 / 10.

This is really good to say to the least :p The melody is really interesting and the samples are very high quality. The way it's mixed adds sort of a "soundtrack" atmosphere. Congrats on winning that contest :D

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Info Internal Texts *

 |                                                                    |
 |  Saga Musix presents: Daydreams (3:32)                             |

Another year, another  Ultimate  Meeting,   another  killer  track  for  the
tracked music compo. I was long searching for good ideas,  but  one  evening
in November I loaded some new patches onto my D-50,   starting  jamming  and
finally played around with this soft E-Piano sound.  And  suddenly,   I  had
melodies in my mind, and I recorded them into OpenMPT  and  started  working
on this tune. It quickly evolved, possibly because I had some  old  melodies
and chords from my previous OHC entries in my mind. I think  I  accidentally
copied some of them, but whatever, there's  enough  new  stuff  in  this  as
well. :)
I was expecting a bigger tracked music compo at tUM, but in  the  end  there
were only five entries, and it was pretty obvious who'd be the winner. :)
So this is my fourth win at tUM in a row, and I do  plan  to  continue  this
winning streak next year! :P Challenge me, goddammit!
Some daydreams just don't become true...

-Saga Musix, 31st of December 2012


Greetings to everyone I've met at tUM 2012, in  particular:
arvenius, Bacter, Bugger, Chock, Cosmic, cyraxx, deathy, dfox, eha,   faith,
Franky, Hopper, jco, Kabuto, kaomau, kb, Knoeki, Kojote, las, Maali,   manx,
MedO, mog, mouldyCat, nekomono, Netpoet, Nightmare,  paniq,   Parsec,   Pro,
psykon, Rapture, Raven, RbR, sentcool, Sirrah, Skomp,  Smilodon,   SunSpire,
T$, Tektra, Topy44, unlock, urs, v3nom, verschdl, Widdy and everyone I
forgot in this list...
Extra greetings to m0d - get well soon, mate!


This work  is (c) 2012  by  Saga Musix of Nuance and  is  licensed  under  a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Track information:
- Started on the 24th of November 2012
- Finished around the 26th of December 2012
- Originally released at the Ultimate Meeting  2012  in  the  tracked  music
  compo (won the compo).
- This is the full quality 16-Bit version of this tune. The compo version
  was heavily reduced in size (and thus sample quality).

Please use OpenMPT 1.20+ or XMPlay to play this track.


You can contact me via e-mail at info_sagamusix.de.
If you want to chat with me...
- Jabber: sagamusix_jabber.ccc.de
- ICQ: 324324485
- MSN: sagamusix_hotmail.com
- EsperNet: #modarchive, #modplug, #mod_shrine, #modulez, #nectarine
  (Nick = Saga_Musix, Saga or S)
- IRCNet: #evoke, #bitfellas, #breakpoint, #revision, #tUM
  (Nick = Saga_Musix or Saga_Off)

Feel free to visit my websites as well:
- http://sagamusix.de/ - Here you can download all my music, free
  samples and other stuff. (German and English)
- http://sagagames.de/ - This website is German only (ATM).  You can
  download some free games  and applications (some of them are English)
  and more stuff here.
- http://openmpt.org/ - Home of Open ModPlug Tracker :)


Sample credits:

The source of the samples are indicated in the filename of the samples.
- D-50: From my Roland D-50
- kb6: From the kb6 drum sample collection
- AN1x: From my Yamaha AN1x
- waveworld: From the Waveworld sample collection
- Elwood: From Elwood's track "One fine day..." (1FINEDAY.XM)
- Purity: From the Purity VSTi
- M1: From the Korg M1 VSTi
- Wavestation: From the Korg Wavestation VSTi
- noremorse: From the Crusader: No Remorse soundtrack by Necros
- DJ Bouche: From Yamaha PSR-83, sampled by DJ Bouche

// Jojo a.k.a. Saga Musix

EPiano Pad Soft Velocity
EPiano Pad Hard Velocity
Spectra Pad
Hi-Hat Open
Hi-Hat Closed
Bass Drum
Rim Snare
Rim Snare
Rim Snare
Dimensional Pad
Dimensional Pad No Filter
Dimensional Bass Pad
Lunatic Soft
Lunatic Mid
Lunatic Hard
Linn Tom
Snare Reverb
Kick Hit
Spectral Atmosphere
12-String Guitar
Celestel Seasoning
Celestel Seasoning Soft
Guitar Mute
Reverse Crash
Synth Voice
Power Synth
Wavestation Bell
Steel Guitar
Steel Guitar Glissando
Analog Brass Swell
4-Operator FM Bass
D50 EPiano Pad
D50 EPiano Pad
D50 EPiano Pad
D50 EPiano Pad
D50 EPiano Pad
D50 EPiano Pad Hard
D50 EPiano Pad Hard
D50 EPiano Pad Hard
Spectra Pad
TD-20 HiHat & Crash A 004
TD-20 BD 101
TD-20 Snare 033
TD-20 Snare 036
TD-20 Snare 068
TD-20 Snare 070
TD-20 Snare 069
Dimensional Pad
Lunatic Soft
Lunatic Mid
Lunatic Hard
TD-20 Tom A 094
cy crash m2
YamahaMotifES\p belltree
Spectral Atmosphere
12-String Guitar
Celestel Seasoning
Clean Mute + The Low End
p cowbell_2
Claps Syn X5
cy crash
D.V.P.1 (T1 Card 11)
Xa Powerhouse
Analog W/Bell (Card 5/12)
PSR-83 steal gutar
psr83-29-steelguitar - Ma
TD-20 Snare 036
String Stack (Analog Only
guitar (cleaned)
4-Operator FM

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