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Epilogue (saga_musix_-_epilogue.it)

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  • saga_musix_-_epilogue.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 10.36MB in size and has been downloaded 1313 times since Tue 14th Apr 2020 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 188623
  • Downloads: 1313
  • Favourited: 8 times
  • MD5: 8ce5b1c3988441145bc8ccfbe73844de
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 25
  • Uncompressed Size: 10.36MB
  • Genre: Pop - Synth

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artist This soft synthpop ballad ranked 6th in the tracked music compo at Revision 2020. - Saga Musix

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member Posted by mpxvm on Wed 6th Oct 2021, rated 10 / 10.

I like the flow of this track, the transitions, sounds really great!

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Info Internal Texts *

 |                                                                    |
 |  Saga Musix presents: Epilogue (4:06)                              |

A sweet dreamy synthpop ballad for these difficult times.
This tune started out pretty much exactly two years ago when  listening  to
Trancerboy's MOONBOOT.XM, an entry from Evoke 2005. The  first  two  chords
were quite inspiring but I had a different progression in mind, so  I  took
the first two chords and then continued with my own  ideas.   And  here  we
are, two years later. Revision 2020 was cancelled  due  to  COVID-19,   but
when it was announced that there would be an online  replacement,   it  was
clear that I had to contribute. Originally I  wanted  to  do  another  coop
with Bacter, but this didn't work out time-wise. Still,  he  came  up  with
the title for this track, so I guess it's still kind of a coop? :D

It  was  absolutely  amazing  to  witness  this  year's    tracked    music
competition at Revision. For the first time in 10  years,   there  actually
had to be a pre-selection because  otherwise  there  would  have  been  too
many tracks. And what a great compo it was!  This  tune  eventually  ranked
6th, among many worthy competitors.  But  still  let's  hope  that  we  can
celebrate Revision 2021 in real life!

 -Saga Musix, 13th of April 2020


Greeting fly out to all Revision 2020  participants  and  organizers,   and
all the great people in Sofa World making this  almost  feel  like  a  real
demoparty! Extra greets to:
Alkama, bacter, d0dge, dfox,   dojoe,   Dune,   Eat-Drink-Fuck,   fgenesis,
Gargaj, Gaspode, glxblt, h0ffman, havoc,   Ixion,   jco,   JosSs,   Kabuto,
kaomau, kb, Kuemmel, leia, LJ, MedO, mo3, Netpoet, Nightmare,  noby,   pro,
Raven, RbR, rc55, RoccoW,  T$,   TropicalTrevor,   Uctumi,   v3nom,   Velo,
virgill, wayfinder, Wurstgetrank, xq and everyone I forgot.


This work is (c) 2020 by Saga Musix and bacter  and  is  licensed  under  a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Track information:
- Made between 9th of March 2018 and 10th of April 2020
- Released into the tracked music competition at Revision 2020 (6th place)
- This is the high-quality (16-bit, original sample rate) version.

Please use OpenMPT 1.28+ to play this track.


You can contact me via e-mail at info_sagamusix.de.
If you want to chat with me...
- Jabber: sagamusix_s3m.it (preferred)
- ICQ: 324324485
- EsperNet: #modarchive, #modplug, #mod_shrine, #modulez
  (Nick = Saga_Musix or Saga)
- IRCNet: #deadline, #demozoo, #evoke, #revision, #nordlicht
  (Nick = Saga_Musix)

Feel free to visit my websites as well:
- https://sagamusix.de/ - Here you can download all my music, free
  samples and other stuff. (German and English)
- https://sagagames.de/ - Website featuring my (mostly German-only) free
  games and applications and other stuff.
- https://openmpt.org/ - Home of Open ModPlug Tracker :)


Sample credits:

The source of the samples are indicated in the filename of the samples.
- XV-5080: From my Roland XV-5080
- kb6: From the kb6 drum samples collection
- Dexed: From the Dexed VSTi
- JayB: From JayB's sample collection
- D-50: From my Roland D-50
- TG77: From my Yamaha TG77
- ArcanaSound: From Arcana Sound's Trance Kicks ReBorn

Take care!

Reverb Clap
WS - Mounth Perc 4
WS - Mounth Perc 6
WS - Mounth Perc 7
WS - Mounth Perc 9
WS - Mounth Perc 10
WS - Mounth Perc 11
Closed Hat
Open Hat
Prophet Bell
Noise Down
Reverse Snare
Effect Proof Chase
Bell Tree
A03 SC-Ripples
Brass 1
Prophet Bell
Kick 2
Chinese Cymbal
Brass 1
Warmth 036
Warmth 048
Warmth 060
Warmth 072
Stream-Bell 063
Stream-Bell 068
Stream-Bell 073
Stream-Bell 078
Big-Bubbles 036
Big-Bubbles 048
Reverb Clap
WS - Mounth Perc 4
WS - Mounth Perc 6
WS - Mounth Perc 7
WS - Mounth Perc 9
WS - Mounth Perc 10
WS - Mounth Perc 11
WS - Kick 1
WS - Pd. hh
WS - Ohh
Prophet Bell 060
Prophet Bell 066
Prophet Bell 072
Prophet Bell 078
Prophet Bell 084
Effect Proof Chase
Bell Tree
Ripples 066
Ripples 072
Ripples 078
Ripples 084
XR-20_343 + XR-20_345
Brass 1 066
Brass 1 072
Brass 1 078
AS-TKRB 025 - Edit 1
chinese cymbal

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