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Out of The Blue (ac-ootb.it)

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  • ac-ootb.it is a IT format module. Uncompressed, it is 2.46MB in size and has been downloaded 16970 times since Mon 1st May 2000 :D

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  • Mod Archive ID: 32738
  • Downloads: 16970
  • Favourited: 5 times
  • MD5: 57a38bf2aaee002241d9890ac14bf8c3
  • Format: IT
  • Channels: 50
  • Uncompressed Size: 2.46MB
  • Genre: Electronic - Ambient

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member Posted by Drozerix on Sat 14th Jan 2023, rated 9 / 10.

Dark, mystic, jungle drum beats, synths, cathedral monk vibes, groovin' -- certainly an interesting style. Opening is ambient and slowly picks up with a few breaks here and there as the tune progresses. Could be used in a Deus Ex meets Castlevania type of game.

member Posted by TMA Placeholder Account on Mon 9th Oct 2000, rated 9 / 10.

Kinda strange style on this one, it kind of changes style as the song progresses. It has got great powerful strings, and gothic choir in the background that gives it a very interesting atmosphere. Great and variating drums as well. well put together song! surely worth a download! Samples are 8bit except for 2 samples, and most of them are made by acumen himself. He's done well hiding the 8bit quality though. the soundquality in the song sure sounds good nevertheless

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Info Internal Texts *

    Out of The Blue

      by Acumen (aka Milan Kolarovic)

    Email     |  acumen_kolumbus.fi
    Website   |  http://www.kolumbus.fi/acumen
    Snailmail |  Milan Kolarovic
                 Hollontie 59
                 35320 Hirsila

    This song is my tribute to Michael Cretu (Enigma),
    and to his evergreen, inspiring music.

  ||  General thoughts  ||

  What can I say..  Hundreds of hours were wasted again into this latest
  effort of my quest for soul searching. Naturally it feels good to come
  up with a new, fresh song idea after being in "radio silence" for more
  or less 4 months after "One of a kind".

  This song literally came "Out of The Blue". It started way before the
  millennium changed, and took quite a while to get completed. The main
  inspiration for this song came from the long and patient wait for the
  new Enigma album, "The Screen Behind the Mirror". Unfortunately the
  album was a small disappointment for me, since it wasn`t as brilliant
  and unique as the magnificent 3rd Enigma album. The main thing I miss
  is the lack of intensity and passion that the previous Enigma album
  was full of. Infact I found it more closer to an ordinary mainstream
  pop album than to New Age. Anyway, "Out of The Blue" resembles the
  high hopes and expectations I had for the upcoming album.

  This was NOT in any way an attemp to mimic or to imitate Enigma`s
  music, I simply felt very "new ageish" at the time of composing,
  after all the century was about to change and also the ticking
  knowledge of the forthcoming Enigma album gave me a good sense
  of what I wanted to compose.

  ||  Samples & Instruments  ||

  I can`t help to compare my work to coding (coding process?) since this
  song has two sides, a bit like demos or graphic artwork. At the same
  time it seems very simple with all the note commands and few effects
  here and there, but yet at the same time over 90% of the work was been
  done "behind the curtains". It`s all based on the samples, strong and
  very carefully chosen and mixed samples. I wonder if I learned the
  significant meaning of a good sample set/mix from the great
  "guru of music", Warder.  ;)

  Most of the instruments used are sampled from my Korg N364. Drumloops
  are mostly mixed from my Sample CD`s. Thanks to all the people who`s
  samples I`ve used as addition to my own. A song has to have atleast
  few of those 8bit "filthy" sounding samples, specially when the rest
  of the samples are so "clean". It gives the song a warm shape and
  balance so that the overall sound wouldn`t be too "clinic" and dry.

  The 16bit version had few more samples, plus almost all samples were
  44,1khz/16bit. The filesize of the 16bit was 10 467kb (unpacked), so
  I`ve managed to reduce the size by 6 megabytes without any significant
  loss or reduction in the overall sound quality.

  ||  Concerns this time.. ||

  For years now I`ve antisipated the world as we know it come to a bright
  end, so that all suffering on earth would stop and humankind would cease
  to excist. I always thought that there was a would be a sign to the
  start of the end, like a WorldWar 3, etc.. but have I missed the sign?

  It`s time to open your eyes aswell mine, see the picture as whole.
  3rd WorldWar has in way already started in the form of drugs,
  narcotic substances. The war is going on in almost every
  country in the world as we speak..

  I cannot understand people who search for experiences, who actually
  search life itself from drugs like heroine, cocaine, amfetamine, LSD,
  etc.. Why cannot we be satisfied with the life we get? ..  More and
  more people get involved in drugs nowdays, and the experiments happen
  in younger and younger ages..

  Are people nowdays more disappointed in their lifes, have we learned
  to use chemical substances against us, or do we search for extra
  excitement from drugs? ..

  Solution? .. I don`t have one that could be generalized, since
  every one of us must follow our own hearts, but I can tell you
  what are my own thoughts in a bit more wider view.

  We are born on this planet and at some moment we start wondering why
  we are here - what is the meaning of life. We want to know the answer
  so that we could justificate our own meaning. Some say "we only live
  once, so make the best out of it" or "live every day like it`s your
  last". Sounds a bit ironic, but aren`t drugs like the answer and the
  final conclusion for this kind of thinking? ..

  My goal in life is to earn the right to live it, not by seeking
  answers `or sensations from the world around me (drugs, etc..),
  but from the world inside me - with as many millions of stars and
  galaxies to explore as there are in the "visual world". My goal
  is to find the perfect harmony. Drugs only work as an easy way
  out, as providing an instant quick sensation(?) that bases on
  chemistry - NOT on Reality. Remember this!

  ||  1999 Resume  ||

  A total of 5 songs and 4 remixes were completed in year 1999.

  Here`s a list of them:

  One of a Kind (2.10.1999/17.10.1999)

    Hugi #18 diskmagazine background music selection nro.1

    16th in Heavenly Music Competition2

    1st in Hawkmoon`s November compo

    5th in Ultim8 December compo

  Satisfaction Overload: Extended version (13.9.1999)

  Satisfaction Overload (1.9.1999)

    Assembly`99 MP3 competition entry

    8th in Hawkmoon`s October compo.

  Pitch-Black (10.8.1999)

    Assembly`99 Multichannel competition entry

    10th in Ultim8 October compo

    8th in Hawkmoon`s September compo

  Secret Hours (15.4.1999)

    2nd in Ultim8 June compo

    1st in Hawkmoon`s May compo

  Lore remix (10.4.1999)

  My Planet remix (16.3.1999)

  Digital Talebearer (21.2.1999)

  Analogic Talebearer (4.1.1999)

    3rd in Hawkmoon`s August compo


  All comments and feedback, good or bad, are always
  more than welcome. Every email will be answered!
  Thanks for the past year everybody!!

  13.3.2000 Milan Kolarovic (aka Acumen)


Korg N364 Bell#1 (Left)
Korg N364 Bell#1 (Right)
Korg N364 Bell#2 (Left)
Korg N364 Bell#2 (Right)
Shakuhachi (Left)
Shakuhachi (Right)
Korg N364 BassString
Korg N364 DeepBass
Korg N364 DoubleString
(1) | Pulse Bass
(2) | Pulse Bass
(3) | Pulse Bass
(4) | Pulse Bass
SFX | What is Love?
SFX | Mad laughing
Heavy loop (Left)
Heavy loop (Right)
(1) | Comp
(2) | Comp
(3) | Comp
(4) | Comp
(1) | Distorted
(2) | Distorted
SFX | Whispers
SFX | Blob
SFX | Hymn
SFX | Boooom
SFX | Crystal rhodes
SFX | Space signal
SFX | Signals
SFX | Flute
SFX | Radio tuning
SFX | Waves & Seagulls
    | Juno Bassglide
    | Angel Choir
    | BD+hihat
    | SD+hihat
    | Swing Beat #1
    | Swing Beat #2
    | Swing Beat #3
    | Effect Hihat
(1) | Roland XP-50 Filter
(2) | Roland XP-50 Filter
(3) | Roland XP-50 Filter
Gregorian Chanting
One more time
BD Filthy
SD Filthy
It`s a cross between
Alien and human
(Captain Jean Luc Picard)

   Out of The Blue

    Composed by Acumen

     "Out of The Blue"
     Copyright (c) 2000
       Milan Kolarovic
     All rights reserved

(Duration-) 5"03
(Channels-) 50/128
(Filename-) AC-OOTB.IT
(Filesize-) 2520kb
(Finished-) 25.2.2000
(Released-) 13.3.2000
(Version--) 8bit v1.0







 Milan Kolarovic
 Hollontie 59
 35320 Hirsila


 For more info, check
 the message area in
 IT2 (Press SHIFT+F9).
Acumen (L) | Bell#1
Acumen (R) | Bell#1
Acumen (L) | Bell#2
Acumen (R) | Bell#2
           | Panflute
Acumen (L) | Shakuhachi
Acumen (R) | Shakuhachi
Acumen     | BassString
Acumen     | DeepBass
Acumen     | DoubleString
Acumen (1) | Pulse Bass
Acumen (2) | Pulse Bass
Acumen (3) | Pulse Bass
Acumen (4) | Pulse Bass
       SFX | What is Love
       SFX | Mad Laughing
Acumen     | Cymbal
Acumen (L) | Heavy loop
Acumen (R) | Heavy loop
Acumen (1) | Comp
Acumen (2) | Comp
Acumen (3) | Comp
Acumen (4) | Comp
Acumen (1) | Distorted
Acumen (2) | Distorted
       SFX | Whispers
       SFX | Blob
       SFX | Hymn
       SFX | Boooom
Acumen SFX | Rhodes
Acumen SFX | Space signal
Acumen SFX | Signals
Acumen SFX | Flute
       SFX | Radio tuning
Acumen SFX | Waves
           | Juno Bass
           | Angel Choir
           | BD+hihat
           | SD+hihat
       (1) | Beat
       (2) | Beat
       (3) | Beat
           | Hihat (sfx)
Roland (1) | XP-50 Filter
Roland (2) | XP-50 Filter
Roland (3) | XP-50 Filter
Enigma     | Gregorian
Acumen SFX | 1 more time
           | BD (Filthy)
           | SD (Filthy)
       (1) | Alien Speech
       (2) | Alien Speech
       (3) | Alien Speech

   Out of The Blue

     (c) 2000 Acumen

This song is my tribute
to Michael Cretu and to
his music (Enigma).


This time a lot of the
samples are my own hand-
writing, so they are all
original. Feel free to
use them as long as you
remember to mention the
sample source, thanks!

Additional samples from:

Andromeda of Kosmic, TB,
iq of Kosmic, Tangerine,
FTZ of Area51, Darkhalo,
Chromex, Hunz, Dawnstar,
Hideo, Radix, Tourach,
Enigma: MCMXCAD (Enigma).

My greetings to all those
who`s samples I`ve used,
and to the people who`ve
remembered me with tons
of emails, thoughts and
comments along the years
I`ve done music. Thanks!
.. and keep those emails
coming in future too!

* As per section 1.6 of our terms of use, The Mod Archive does not in any way guarantee the accuracy of the information contained on the website nor does it guarantee that such information will be free of objectionable content or free of content which is unsuitable for minors.