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Title: 8g : gravity
Filename: 8g_crim.xm
Posted Mon 30th Apr 2007
Rated 10 / 10
This is one of the best mods I've ever heard. It gives me the shivers :) With great earphones and the 2nd surround mode in XMplay you get into another dimension. It's emotional, it's groovy, it's oldschool and in the same time fresh, it's undpredictable and it's totally awesome! I would pick this song for my wedding if it wouldn't be for the brides dislike of computerized music :)
I'm flying, even if this gravity is holding me down. Thnx cRim, you ROCK!

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Title: Hypnotized by her love
Filename: hypno-66.it
Posted Wed 16th Jan 2002
Rated 6 / 10
This song goes in waves and It have some real effective parts when you really can imagine the authors thoughts (this beeing dedicated to a girl and all) so hi score for nice but still pretty repetitive structure. Though! (im not happy to say this ....but) there are some mayor pitch falures mostely in the end of the tune and it does much much damage to the feeling thats evolved...im so sorry! :/ but those bas lines are not from this world. this mod uses 27 tracks and theres ALOT of effects added everywere it look really complicated and nice in modplugtracker to...but who can focus on all effects when theres small errors in two of the samples :/ sry i wich that this mod would be perfect pitched then it would be a 8.0 but now 6.0 is all i can afford...nice job anyways Pete D. d'Warph

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Title: hysterical baby
Filename: hystbaby.mod
Posted Wed 16th Jan 2002
Rated 6 / 10
hehe this is pretty mystical, could work for any wierd rpg i guess :) you never know whats gonna happen next and its never dull to listen to...though some parts may be abit high in volume to get the general "easy listening" sound. the lead are very nice the time its there...to bad the mod isnt optimized for looping though (there goes 0.5p :)) This tune dosn't use effects that much as the usual pro 4chan mods may do sometimes...but that isn't really necessary for this genre and the author uses the samples pretty good to i think. not much to add to this mod and it would be a mistake to remix it, so it's quite a original mod.

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Title: hysteria
Filename: hysteria.mod
Posted Wed 16th Jan 2002
Rated 7 / 10
Oh, when first hearing this mod whitout any idea of who made it with what and when it was made I was thinking 7.0 for the porn-music-like cheeze feeling but when I looked in tracker and realised it was a 4chan protracker production I was amazed! Audiomonster is truely a legend of tracking and I almost feel bad just giving this mod a 7.5 but I really dont feel that the music itself just ROCK my world that much... Its awesome that this mod was made in 1991! Audiomonster uses most effects possible in protracker i guess...and he really know what he's doing to! this mod is truely worth seeing in tracker.

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Title: HotYoungWomen
Filename: hyw.mod
Posted Tue 15th Jan 2002
Rated 1 / 10
This mod uses really bad samples and some are even false pitched, though the structure of the mod are pretty good if you dont mind the samples...though that "hotyoungwomen" sample are pretty cool so i'll give you some credit in the score for that! This mod was suerly made in madtracker as its old (1992) and only uses 4 lines. It dosn't use ANY effects at all and the fake echo gets pretty annoying. try use other samples to this and maybe add some small changes once in a while