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Title: lava burnt pie
Filename: m0d_-_lava_burnt_pie.ahx
Posted Thu 6th Sep 2007
Rated 8 / 10
This track is really wonderful, and I accidentally put this onto my mp3 player this morning when heading into town for some errands.. and let me tell you folks, this is MASSIVE when heard on a bus driving across the cityscape! Great melodies and pretty damned cool percussional melody makes this a top track! (even though it's too damned short!!!!!) (so therefore, I R teh bitch and I deducted 2 points for that)

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Title: entering the surfice
Filename: _moon.xm
Posted Tue 6th Feb 2007
Rated 4 / 10
[Melody] The melodies in this tune start out fairly simple, almost happy note. However, what quickly dawns on this song is that these melodies are incredibly quantisized. So in other words they're very static and the note changes are once every fourth or second bar which makes the song loose alot of it's room for melodic dynamics. Also, some of the melodies do tend to clash a bit which makes me wonder if this is perhaps one of the first tunes this artist has made, but they don't clash majorly which doesn't retract that much from the overall experience of the song. However as the song progresses, the melody clearly doesn't follow since it simply stays in the same place for about half of the song. But, then after that a completely new set of melodies come into play and the song changes abruptly only to then fade out in a way which doesn't really make any sense. It's just as if the artist suddenly got bored with the current melody and made an entierly new one with the existing samples. [Percussion] Throughout the first half of the song, the percussional track is fairly standard, following a very basic pattern similar to the melody. The bad part about this portion of the song is that the percussion doesn't change at all, it's completely static and doesn't really add nor retract to the overall feel of the song. It's essentially a placeholder in my opinion. Then similarly to the melody change which happens mid way, the percussion also changes completely and with no transition either! So, the comment about the artist suddenly getting bored with the song also applies here obviously. [Technical] This song doesn't have much of the technical stuff in it, a few panning envelopes here and there and some volume envelopes aswell, all fairly standard and some very hard on the ears.However, the only commands used are of course some volume commands on the percussional parts and also a global fade out command towards the end.. and that's about it I'm afraid. [Overall Impression] This song sounds like it's one of this artists first ones, and quite frankly all the signs are there aswell. Standard envelopes, quantisized note usage, lack of major progression.. the list goes on. However, it doesn't sound outright bad, it just sounds average and a bit empty at the moment. Perhaps with some more work, this could have been something great.

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Title: +japan 2140ad
Filename: _0-jap.it
Posted Mon 7th Nov 2005
Rated 6 / 10
--Melody-- The song begins slowly with a rather noisy bass sample, which is then followed by some out of tuned oriental sounding guitars and synths. The introduction is both good and bad, I do like that groove, but the occasional false tune which is in the mix makes it hard to enjoy fully. Then later on the melodies seem to take a turn towards a more coherent sound, and this is where the song sounds the best aswell. But after building up to a massive soundscape, it never variates, never really blossoms into the full soundscape one would expect. So my main impression is that the melodies require a bit more work to unlock the potential that's hidden in them. However, I'm rather impressed with the way the artist has put together the samples to make a very "japanese" sounding groove out of it. The full verdict on the melodies is "a good attempt which needs more work". --Percussion-- The drums make a solid backbone to the song, which means that you've got your breaks and your hihats and your ticks to get the groove going. But for some reason, it never really takes off and becomes a rhytm which is something tangible. A set of drumpatterns is used in the beginning of the song and at the end of the song the same patterns still remain. This is this songs biggest downfall. However as with the melodies, the artist does have a rather good mixture of sounds picked out. The verdict here is similar to the one on the melodies: "good elements, but their full potential is wasted" When I was going to check out this song, I was rather surprised since what I thougth would be a bonanza of effects usage actually turned out to be just a clever use of various samples and some basic volume effects! This of course makes one wonder how this song would have sounded with some effects thrown into it. But, just making this song with these samples is impressive enough to me, and does merit some recognition for the technical side, although it's not strictly in the sense of "tracking technical".