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Title: 2 minutes to midnigh
Filename: 2_minutes_to_midnight.xm
Posted Mon 27th Apr 2009
Rated 9 / 10
Very nice interpretation and guitar performance! The guitars are sort of on the boundary line between tracked and performed, but... well, who cares :)

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Title: Stormlord
Filename: 81907-stormlord.xm
Posted Sat 25th Apr 2009
Rated 8 / 10
I just had to comment when that last section came in at pattern 29 - that had a wonderfully full sound that the music had been building up to until then, and (not knowing about the background of this piece) it reminded me quite a lot of the soundtrack to One Must Fall. I wasn't sure about that voice sample, but this doesn't deserve a 4/10 average!