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Title: Giana 2001 rmx
Filename: giana2k.xm
Posted Fri 26th Jan 2001
Rated 9 / 10
For everyone who has played giana sisters on c64 amiga this song truly is a must! :) Another great nostalgic remix by reptile & sky. I can also reccomend the other two remixes by them; Outrun and Popcorn :) Both in the same italiano-dance-like style. Most samples are in 8bit, but i don't mind at all, since they've brought out the good old nostalgic feeling we all love :)

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Title: underwater sex.i.c.
Filename: sex.xm
Posted Thu 25th Jan 2001
Rated 10 / 10
I don't really like dnb as a style, but after hearing songs like this one, i think i've gotta get some more tunes by TDR .. i'm starting to like this style more and more :) other dnb songs i've heard contains dnb, and then i mean ONLY dnb... but this song contains a hell lot more than that. melodies, strings, sfx and great background music... i'd say it's almost at the edge of becoming ambient. I'm gonna give dnb another chance, if you don't like dnb you should too! Most of the samples are 8bit but i don't get the feeling that the song lacks in quality anyways. A well put together piece of music with nice stereo and great selection of samples. Nothing to complain about