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Title: aryx
Filename: aryx.s3m
Posted Sat 1st Dec 2007
Rated 10 / 10
Maybe the most known MOD of all times.
Perfect example of making a mod using only what a simple tracker can offer.
I personally have listen to this mod hours and hours
((good companion for reading or programming, working or whatever:)))
My first knowledge of tracker-composing tricks came from this song. first choise in mod list when used to play Eitris(if anybody understands what i mean :)) I ll give 10 to this mithic song :))

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Title: dragon jive
Filename: dragonjv.mod
Posted Sat 1st Dec 2007
Rated 8 / 10
This song is one of the most known MOD oldies and should be consider part of "MOD HISTORY"
(For me lets just say it was in my mod list for Eitris if anybody knows what i mean-dont realy think so:))
This post is not to feedback the original artist. i dont think he posted it himself and certenly doenst need any feedback at this time.
I was realy annoyed to see some songs here with a name similar to this.( jeee those kids have no respect this days :P) NM