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Title: space-song
Filename: space-song.mod
Posted Wed 7th Sep 2011
Rated 9 / 10
This track was the one that got me into tracking too. The first track I ever did and was really proud of was made in PT loaded from that disk. I was at my friend's summer house, and we had brought the Amiga, a few games and the CU Amiga mag. I fiddled around, had loads of fun, and when I was going to save, I learned something about diskspace, and the fact that CU Amiga disks came filled to the brink with stuff.

I wanted to understand how he was able to make stuff sound so full with so few channels. Even though I dissected it, it was still a mystery how the guy had done it, and the technical aspects are great even to this day. I can honestly say that this tracked shaped my music with quite a bit of force.

So, I also wanted to make a song as good, or better, than this. In some ways I have, in others I have not. It is still impressive after all this time.

I'm really glad to have found the track again. It makes me humbled that I stand on the shoulders of giants, and how the fact that so much amazing stuff has already been made many lifetimes ago. It makes me feel priveleged to take part of.

If Psych-D is reading this: Thanks!!

(My stuff can be found at www.souleye.se)