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Title: Grabbag -Lee Jackson
Filename: grabbag.xm
Posted Fri 5th Jul 2013
Rated 8 / 10
Hehe, I was surprised to find one of my old Tracker tunes here :)

Anyway, the XM was a partial conversion of the original MIDI file:

The reason that I say "partial" is, the converter that I used made such a complete mess of the original MIDI, that I ended up tracking a large portion of the XM by hand (listen to a bar or two of the original MIDI using Cakewalk Professional, and then track a bar or two using Fast Tracker II... what a TOTAL PITA LOL!).

P.S. Just a little historical tidbit... back in the day, this XM received the full blessings and permission, directly from the man himself: Lee Jackson :)

P.P.S. I've only just today created an account here at the MOD Archive, and just uploaded all of my original Tracker tunes. I'm guessing that this one (Grabbag.xm) should probably be added/edited to my artist profile.