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Title: Horror Dub
Filename: el_topo_-_horror_dub.mod
Posted Fri 8th Feb 2019
Rated 3 / 10
I do agree with what Slender said, the chord organ is really off with the rest of the song. It is very possible to write a good track without even using chords, and even if you do, it's often easy to tell if they don't work with the rest of the song!

My main issue with this track is that it's just boring. I wish there was a change somewhere there, maybe you can change the tempo or remove the melody at some point and change the bass melody entirely. There is some variation in the samples you've used, but it just doesn't seem to get anywhere. It does have promise however, and the bass and drums on their own are not too bad, though it's important to make it at least somewhat interesting for the listener!

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Title: Ampulsia 12
Filename: korchan_-_amp12.xm
Posted Fri 8th Feb 2019
Rated 1 / 10
Melody really doesn't pair well at all with the tinny 'bass' or the harsh pads, it just feels like you've punched in the melody without much thought. The combination of all the melodic sounds are really off and not so great to listen to...

I know you're probably starting out, and in my opinion it's best to just experiment in this stage and make a few simple things, but don't be too hasty with putting it out there until you think it's good. Grab a few samples and try things out, it's part of the fun :p

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Title: orbiting mars
Filename: orbiting_mars.mod
Posted Fri 8th Feb 2019
Rated 6 / 10
I really like the samples you've used here (such as the chord stabs and pads), just wish there was a little more melodic variation, especially with the bass, which does give it quite a bit of movement, but is a bit bland in my opinion.

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Title: eleventeen
Filename: sincx_-_eleventeen.mod
Posted Fri 2nd Nov 2018
Rated 8 / 10
Strange timing, I like it! The chords in the middle are really nice, and oddly work well layered up with the slap bass. Some interesting use of effects, I really like the little portamentos, the sudden volume cutoff adding a little tension and the attention to detail in the panning of the channels (playing the lead with other instruments in the same channel).

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Title: Go To Sleep
Filename: go_to_sleep.xm
Posted Thu 30th Aug 2018
Rated 8 / 10
Nice little tune! I like the drums, kinda inspired by the Drill'n'Bass sub-genre which I really like (Hangable Auto Bulb and other similar works). I wish it was a little more developed but as it is, it's very good.

It may seem obvious but I found looping the drums as an extra sample inside of the sampler to be pretty clever, freeing up the effects column (I'd usually use E9x for this). So it's another little trick I may use in future.

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Title: casiotone-mt50
Filename: casiotone-mt50.mod
Posted Mon 20th Aug 2018
Rated 9 / 10
This is brilliant. I am quite fond of these old casio keyboards, in fact I want to do something similar with my mt400v. I'll get to sampling it after I get around to modding it!

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Title: basketball
Filename: basketball.mod
Posted Sun 25th Mar 2018
Rated 5 / 10
This is a strange one. The voices are sampled from the song "Basketball" by Kurtis Blow and follows a similar-ish structure, more like a remix. However, this exact MOD is different from the one I heard before.

The Crusaders released a musicdisk called Bass-o-Matic which featured a MOD called "Basketball" but is different from this one. It is considerably better due to its higher quality samples and overall composition. I've looked on the archive and it does not seem to be here... maybe I'll upload it as its public domain at this point.

I'm not sure where this one came from but looking at Dr. Awesome's list of modules, I found one called MOD.basketball and MOD.basketball.long. This one is the "long" version with the ironic thing being that this version is actually shorter in length than the one on the musicdisk.

One last thought, I noticed on the Youtube recording of the musicdisk "Bass-o-Matic", the song is called Bass Ketball but I remember it being "Basketball" when I emulated it. Unfortunately I cannot investigate right now as my Amiga emulator stopped working after an update and my real Amiga 500+ needs some work before I can get it up and running. Maybe someone will be able to comment on that.

In conclusion, probably not the best MOD you'll hear but at least it's got an interesting back-story and in the end it's all a bit of fun.