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Title: aciiiiiid
Filename: romeo_knight_-_aciiiiiid.mod
Posted Wed 17th Apr 2019
Rated 7 / 10
Sorry but isn't acid.
This is more streets of rage eurodance kinda rave music.
Nice attempt tho but sorry this is not acid.

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Title: L O V E
Filename: psirius_-_l_o_v_e.xm
Posted Wed 17th Apr 2019
Rated 9 / 10
tnx4 ur love men respect

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Title: MegaOPLvania
Filename: midori_mizuno_-_megaoplvania.mptm
Posted Tue 16th Apr 2019
Rated 5 / 10
it's like i said , opl is more for mega drive stuff.
we spoke b4 in them opempt forums but sorry this jingly crack ain't my cuppa tea.

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Title: plastikbuttons
Filename: plastikbuttons.mod
Posted Mon 15th Apr 2019
Rated 9 / 10
great mod! this is what drove me to trackers , i was so impressed in how in the hell did he manage to come with modulation in a tracker!awesome shit!