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Title: kermavaahto
Filename: kermavaahto.s3m
Posted Sun 19th May 2019
Rated 7 / 10
Funny title - Whipped Cream, obviously passing to a computer game. I like it.

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Title: UnreaL ][ / PM
Filename: 2ND_PM.S3M
Posted Wed 15th May 2019
Rated 10 / 10
It was over 25 years ago and I could not stop to watch this demo/intro. Music heard on Gravis Ultrasound was fantastic. Basically this module brought me here - I wanted to rip it from file but then thought: maybe I'll find it somewhere in the web and I am here. Who never saw this demo, link in bottom. Believe me that 25 years ago this music and this graphic was ona PC compatible computer simply breathtaking.
We had DX386 processors and 4MB RAM!


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Title: prez
Filename: prez.mod
Posted Wed 15th May 2019
Rated 4 / 10
Początek lat 90-tych w wolnej Polsce, wybory prezydenckie.
"Polska w której chce się żyć i pracować" - Mazowiecki
"Życzę Wam pięknej Polski" - chyba Wałęsa

Dzisiaj ma już inny wydźwięk ta kompilacja.
The beginning of the 90's in free Poland, presidential elections.
"A Poland in which one wants to live and work. - Mazowiecki
"I wish you a beautiful Poland." - I think Walesa

Today those words have a different meaning.

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Title: .janosik.
Filename: janosik.xm
Posted Wed 15th May 2019
Rated 7 / 10
For those who don't know - it's from Polish series (sth like Robinhood)

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Title: oxygene_2.xm
Filename: oxygene_2.xm
Posted Wed 15th May 2019
Rated 10 / 10
Super! That's what I like! :)