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Title: UnreaL ][ / PM
Filename: 2ND_PM.S3M
Posted Tue 25th Jun 2019
Rated 10 / 10
You can't be serious... This is MADNESS! Ok, enough old Sparta meme references aside, this is the best track so far I've heard from a music tracker. If you have never heard this, GO LISTEN TO THIS ASAP. This is a worthy 10 I'm putting on here.

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Title: .ASDII corection.
Filename: asdii_corection.xm
Posted Tue 25th Jun 2019
Rated 7 / 10
I am glad I found this, it is a good track and people should find this sometime soon. It is a good track that has this nice feel to it but giving some weird feeling. That weird feeling? Madness and Fear. It's truly something I can't really explain without trying to listen to it. The genre I consider is Experimental or Electronic - Other, due to being different from normal Electronic tracks. And it's all because I clicked Random Pick, have a good day and bye.