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Title: space_debris
Filename: space_debris.mod
Posted Sat 7th Sep 2019
Rated 9 / 10
It sounds like travelling in space. I see it in a space shooter video game.
It's a great progressive tune with intro, which builds up very well. The main melody is really catchy.

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Title: Hybrid song 2:20
Filename: external.xm
Posted Sat 7th Sep 2019
Rated 10 / 10
I used to hear it in a freeware game about fishing, which I played a long time ago.
That song is awesome.

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Title: Pierdolec
Filename: pierdolec.mod
Posted Sat 7th Sep 2019
Rated 8 / 10
Bardzo przyjemnie sie do tego spiewa, a tekst powoduje usmiech na moich ustach. Jesli chodzi o modul, to troszke moglby byc dluzszy i mniej powtarzajacy sie, ale i tak slucha sie tego bardzo przyjemnie i wchodzi w ucho od razu.
A! I nie bylem w Sosnowcu, ale juz wiem jaki tam klimat jest. :)

It's very pleasant, to sing it and written lyrics make me smile. About a module: It could be a little bit longer and less repetitive, but it's a pleasure to listen to that and it's really catchy.
Ah! And I have never been in Sosnowiec yet, but now I know how it is to live there. :)