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Title: Midnight Sun
Filename: fin-midn.it
Posted Fri 3rd May 2024
Rated 8 / 10
Love this, samples fit quite nicely and the composition is great. It would've been a solid 9 if it wasn't for the annoying panning but aside from that its good

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Title: Addiction
Filename: addicti.mod
Posted Fri 19th Jan 2024
Rated 10 / 10
song changed my life, was it for the better or for the worse i dunno anyways its cool ;P ;P ;P ;P

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Title: 7 Years On
Filename: 7_years_on.xm
Posted Mon 28th Aug 2023
Rated 6 / 10
i REALLY wish this had proper drums or that these were more punchy, track sounds really empty. but aside from that its an alright tune

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Title: Endtune
Filename: rush_-_endtune.mod
Posted Sun 30th Jul 2023
Rated 9 / 10
"yeah i also like Addiction by Jogeir Liljedahl"
the existance of this song is mildly amusing. found it a couple months ago, pretty chill tune.

What 'demo' was it used on, if any? "Amiga Rules" doesn't really help here (i assume that's what its called, as described by the instrument names).

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Title: Imposter!
Filename: wow25-imposter.xm
Posted Mon 29th Aug 2022
Rated 8 / 10
alright song and pretty enjoyable to listen to. a bit sus like the imposto

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Title: space_debris
Filename: space_debris.mod
Posted Sun 31st Oct 2021
Rated 7 / 10
pgen for ps2 my beloved

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Title: Addiction Mix #1
Filename: addiction_mix_1.s3m
Posted Thu 7th Oct 2021
Rated 8 / 10
Found this while browsing random songs and i gotta say, it's pretty good.