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Spin it! - spinit.xm

Review Score: 8/10

Overall Impression (8/10)

This song is good, has very charming melodies, but it's not that good from the technical standpoint, the samples could be of better quality. From my point of view, the composition feels very organized.

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after dark - laamaa_-_after_dark.it

Review Score: 10/10

Overall Impression (9/10)

This is a great song with nice melodies. It doesn't sound like tracker music at all. It uses a lot of Zxx triggers and that is not commonly found in modules. The drums are nicely made, the song is mellow and calm, but still bouncy. The one thing I also like here is the ending, with a well-performed slowdown.

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moriquendi - moriquen.it

Review Score: 10/10

Overall Impression (10/10)

The melodies are great, I like the emotion in here. The samples are of very high quality and that is probably the reason why is the module just under 1 megabyte. The song sounds like a movie soundtrack with the arrangements and I can see that a lot of effort went into composing this.

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consequently - consequently.xm

Review Score: 9/10

Overall Impression (9/10)

It is a great song. Very catchy and funky.

- It's really creative.
- It uses a lot of effects.
- The author made almost every sample by himself.

- It's weirdly panned, but it doesn't affect the song a lot.
- The ending is a bit unexpected. It should be longer.