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I've collected music modules since some time around 2004, after discovering them from the game Pocket Tanks. That was when I found out about ModPlug Tracker, and began understanding how tracker works. Some months later, I discovered The Mod Archive and began looking at the charts to see what other modules I could find. I found quite a few I liked, including but not limited to DEADLOCK.XM. I didn't really continue making my collection much larger due to school and college, until it came to around 2006 where I began picking up older audio hardware such as ISA sound cards. I was given a Gravis Ultrasound MAX by a friend of mine, and was reminded of music modules thanks to the tracking software that came with the card.

Mid-2006 I decided to join the TMA IRC channel, and was well-greeted by everyone. I began searching TMA for more modules to listen to, and also got into using XMPlay. m0d asked me if I wanted to take part in beta testing the new (when it was new, that is) TMA, and since I had a lot of time on my hands I gave it a go. Some time after that, I was asked if I wanted to help filtering new modules into the archive. Something I couldn't turn down, I accepted it. Couple of months after that and a lot of screening, m0d had to take some time off, so he appointed me as a full crew member and admin to look over the archive while he was away.

Unfortunately around 2008/2009 to the present day, I became inactive on TMA due to health issues, which have only become worse over time and now have to take many medications just to help ease the issues I deal with every day, all day long. I'm still active on IRC though, you can find me as Drani on there.

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