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Ghidorah was born in 1976 and has been tracking on amiga & pc for several years.
I'm a previous member of Razor1911 and Fadeout demo groups.
I can probably count myself as a retired "tracker". I do however make some music even nowdays in Milkytracker, Fasttracker or sometimes in Reason. But it happens only ocassionally a few times each year. Today I mostly make music for our movies (www.brunfilm.com) or for competitions.
Therefore, most tunes here are old.
Synthpop recommendations: komigen, or el-pleas.Soft recommendation: t-c-i-h.Chip recommendation: Flying Unicorn or the Toilet series.Playing software: Use software listed to the left. (not winamp!).

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From: casoninabox
01:02 on 2nd October 2014

I was interested in using your music in an iPhone game we are developing. Not sure how to get a hold of you though. Let me know if you'd be interested.

From: Drozerix
21:40 on 22nd August 2012

I frikin love you ghidorah! what will it take from me to make you write a new song? your music is priceless and you are one of my biggest inspirations!

From: matecha
02:09 on 19th May 2010

some cool stuff, man! Cheers :)

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