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  • 29th September 2008
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Please see my blog:


2012-01-06 - I have launched a blog which I will update continuously with my adventures, projects and thoughts on my work with carnivore conservation.

2011-09-04 - I've jammed up a tiny dreamy trance tune with Renoise. Download it here in MP3 format: http://www.ctgmusic.com/song.php?id=19819

2010-07-01 - I've released the tune "So Sayeth Chaos" which is an advanced piece of music freshly composed in 2009 but kept unreleased. Please also check out the tune "Angel, What's Left?", also from 2009.

Some recommended new songs:

So Sayeth Chaos - An advanced piece of music freshly composed in 2009. File name: wc_chaos.xm.

Angel, What's Left? - Dark, eerie and sensitive. This is the fifth song in the _angelo series. File name: _angelo5.xm.

Obese Science - Acidic and experimental with strange pattern size yet relaxing to listen to, please enjoy "Obese Science". File name: wc_obese.xm.

Ice Cold - The goal with the song was to recreate the feeling of tracking wolves in the ice cold snows of Sweden. This is how it feels when the temperature drops to -25 C and you are all alone in the frozen forest following the pawsteps of this mighty animal. File name: wc_cold.xm.

To be Rabbitized - This tune is soft and rich in melodies. Somewhat like "Dancing Seashells", it may fall to your liking. File name: rabbitiz.xm.

warhawk of cheetah, or Jonatan Borling, started tracking in mid 1992 on an Amiga 500 with Protracker. He bought PC in 1996 and started using FT2. He first visited the Mod Archive later in 1996, and became a frequent visitor in 1997. He became a regular in #modarchive in late 1998 and started reviewing shortly after. In the year 2000, when Damien Blond had left, he took on the job as Newdir Administrator, which he kept until he retired in mid 2002, when he pursued a new career as a cat conservationist.

I've provided music for several computer games and programs over the years. If you need game music for your project, feel free to contact me. For noncommercial projects I don't charge anything (as in free game music), but you will have to contact me prior to release to have my approval to use the tune(s). If you don't then you risk receiving a bill in your post box for unauthorized use of my music.

If you run a commercial project (anything that will sell for money) then please contact me and we will come to an agreement. The price varies a bit depending on if you are a publisher or a private game developer and what the market is for the game. You may also hire me to compose a tune or edit one of the tunes I have on this website, in which case I charge by the hour. Also please note that the music may easily be converted to WAV or MP3.

You can most easily contact me via email: studio_cheetah@hotmail.com. Please enter "game music" or something similar in the topic so that I won't mistake it for spam.

Currently using Renoise and Fasttracker 2.

Please use FT2 or XMplay to play these songs. The reason for this is that Modplug and Winamp cannot play modules correctly. A lot of these tunes use advanced effects which only FT2 and XMplay support. Please enable loop, as many of these tunes are looping.

(C)Studio Cheetah 1997-2011; (C)Jonatan Borling 1992-2011

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From: DiR3C7_H4CK
21:45 on 10th January 2020

¬°Hello, Warhawk! I really like your strange musics like "Onslaught.xm" ^^

From: Alazu
01:11 on 26th June 2015

Although I respect your efforts to preserve wildlife especially a large sum of endangered wild cats... and your fun tracker....

From: Alazu
00:57 on 26th June 2015

Well geese where do I begin.... Warhawk Warhawk...
Okay I see you once or twice or even thrice mentioned in other peoples modules no not to be confused with nighthawk AKA Lizard King NO Warhawk a small artist in my eyes yet sooo many competitions and compos, I feel your music is aimed more at a intense imagery of the video game adventure of the Pre-2000's although an extremely skilled tracker I feel you biggest downfall is the time you put into your modoules but.. still :)

From: Vorpal 86
02:48 on 24th December 2010
Vorpal 86

I like your style tunes here. I've always liked the slow, non distorted easy slap happy listening tunes. Mostly game style music. Nice work!

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