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I´m a guy who lives in the middle of Sweden......... mostly.
I started with tracking on AMIGA in the summer of
´92 . I called myself Wrathchild (Iron Maiden-song), but I changed nick to Llageran .
Bought a PC in ´96 and started to use FT2.
My major influences are Angra,Helloween,Iron maiden,Conception,Sonata Arctica and the kings of kings STRATOVARIUS .
At the moment I appear as the keyboarder int the swedish metal-band Sabaton.

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From: Ryan
08:39 on 19th May 2013

Yous said back in 2007
"The guy that made this one gets all my respect and gratitude. Too bad I won't ever find out who it was." about the MOD space debris. Well.. here's a link to a newly made version
by the original author Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen - http://youtu.be/SjgnGw1kXOs

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