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"Let Selene guide your steps through the night and bring them to a new dawn..."

(2007-04-18) Chapter 7 of the suite Tales at Sunset is uploaded.
(2005-10-04) Tales at Sunset has a new chapter, a song called "Promises Under the Stars" and is soon available here.
(2005-01-04) 4 new releases announced and uploaded here. Tales at Sunset is the new series of Church of Selene.
(2004-04-20): Church of Selene released its final chapter in the Legend of Endymion series today (edymion6.xm). It is an instrumental song with a heavy emphasis on strings and lyrical melodies as always. Unfortunately, due to certain events, the promised vocals could not be added but a vocal version is planned to be released sometimes in the future.

Thanks to everyone who has and is giving us feedback, we appreciate it!

Contact the group's contact person by e-mail: rico01@hotmail.com

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