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Hi there gang, I'm DJ Mavica.
I like to do remixes, mainly cause my Original works sound like supermarket tannoy material. I take poor quality songs which nobody listened to in the first place and completely fail to improve them in any way whatsoever.
I started tracking when I was at college. I wanted to become a hacker but I couldn't afford the pizza. Computers were my second choice in life - I couldn't become a train spotter because I lacked the required style and fashion
Since my release of the Song "Irritating Hamster" the poor old hamster has died. I felt very guilty for parodying him in this comic way and haven't left the room for weeks. For fun I keep a rat, not in cage but in a piece of drain pipe (oh the irony!) I get him stoned, then watch. I am currently trying to collect a whole box of small, dangerous, plastic toys, which I will put in a box, and give away a free cornflake with every purchase. I am also running for Mayor of Tiddly-Cum-Fenton and am campaigning to have the River Thames filled with concrete to make a new London Motorway.

-= DJ Mavica =-

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