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Hello there!
My tunes were made using Scream Tracker 3.21 (S3M files) and later using my registered Impulse Tracker 2.14 (IT files).

Please play my tunes using XMPlay which usually plays them 95% fine. Unlike the Java player that has much difficulties sounding faithful.

Ah oh! My modules here, well, it is not a selection of the best modules. That includes some crappy tunes, please cope with that.
Also I don’t know exactly who did upload them but some of the tunes here are not in the proper “official”/definitive versions… strange that I find some draft versions here and there. :/
Unfortunately, I don’t know how to edit the existing modules on modarchive.

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From: jesus2099 To: Saga Musix
12:48 on 20th December 2011

Saga Musix: I hope it’s better now than never ! Thanks very much for your encouragements \(^_^)/
(this is a reply to an old shout of yours :/)

Re: Hey-ho, nice music you have there :)

From: Saga Musix
19:55 on 1st April 2009
Saga Musix

Hey-ho, nice music you have there :)

From: m0d To: jesus2099
14:42 on 1st April 2009

jesus2099: pffft... haha. Your username (i eventually figured out what you meant, I thought you were talkin some kinda of slang 'mah usershamo', but it's a manual job in the database - I don't allow username changes normally, for security reasons. However, yours is now set to how you wanted.

Re: Wow! You're so damn great musician! I can't believe it, you're awesome!!!

From: jesus2099
13:42 on 1st April 2009

Wow! You're so damn great musician! I can't believe it, you're awesome!!!

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