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  • 15th January 2009
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Purple Motion (Jonne Valtonen) is a musician for Future Crew.
Owns a company Valtone (ltd) specialized in video game music.
He was born in 1976.

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From: RayTech
07:36 on 31st March 2021

Hi, I used Insideout as one of intros and it's now being claimed copyright on YouTube. I love InsideOut... awesome song.

Is there a way I can get whitelisted so I can play your InsideOut on YouTube.

You are a gifted songwriter. I want to use your music... email me: modderphuckers@gmail com or raytech84119@gmail.com I want or your music to spread your popularity!

Let me know, thanks!


From: Lady Nicola
09:10 on 25th July 2020
Lady Nicola

Sorry I'm new to all this. Am I able to use this tune in my Youtube Video?
Nicola Redmond

From: Rave669
21:30 on 17th February 2017

This man is a legend in the demoscene!

Part of my success in life I attribute to this guy's work, which not only inspired me, but leaves me in awe to this day.

He's a pretty busy guy from what I hear, so if he sees this comment, I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration and the motivation, even though I suck by comparison.

From: sbrk
16:51 on 4th February 2014

UnreaL ][ / PM is one of my all-time favorites! First heard it back on my x86 DOS machine in high-school.

From: SinFreezer
00:53 on 6th January 2014


From: DJ Sylv3on
15:19 on 3rd December 2013
DJ Sylv3on

To have a tune that is almost 20 years old and still on the top of the Most Revered chart is a amazing feat. Awesome Work!!

From: Beyond
22:18 on 11th April 2013

Hey you!
Is it Ok if I have your song "Starshine" in a compilation album I call "Tracked music vol.1" which I'll release for free on my website calleedlund.se? In a .txt file I'll include the samp/message text but exclude any e-mail etc - I'm gonna release the modules in both mp3 and module format in order to make some good tracked music easily available to everyone

From: slashz
11:31 on 21st September 2012

My hero!

From: trigg
21:32 on 20th August 2012


From: xixek
20:13 on 2nd March 2011

You did great portion of music. thanx!

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