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Discover computers with the C64 when i was 6 years old. Fall in love with those kind of sound <3 and write my first music with the C64 ten years later and quiclky switch to Fast Tracker, Scream Tracker and Impulse Tracker on a PC. Later, in 2004 i switched to Jeskola Buzz tracker, but keep the same style as if...

Woouw, i have written more than 1000 tracks in .MOD, .S3M, .XM, .IT, .BMX, .SNG, .SID,...

Till 2010 i was back to Schism or Modplug Tracker...

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From: Yomaru Kasuga
00:41 on 15th December 2018
Yomaru Kasuga

If you want to do this anymore, those TMA modules,
Let's reach out to me if you have one.

Check out of these social medias that have done:

Join me to Yomarumon Dreams

And contact me at:
Discord Server:

And also make sure subscribe to my Youtube channel by Yomaru Kasuga at:

Regards, 春日世丸

From: cyborg jeff To: horsesalongthedrop
14:49 on 20th April 2016
cyborg jeff

horsesalongthedrop: nope, i've a song "angels.s3m" but it full name was "Angels come, you're dead" ; )

Re: Hello! Did you make the song "Fallen Angels", or "angels.s3m"

From: mrGarlic
00:50 on 9th February 2010

Love your songs. Please keep it up!

From: horsesalongthedrop
03:24 on 27th June 2009


Did you make the song "Fallen Angels", or "angels.s3m"

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