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  • 17th February 2011
  • 27th May 2010
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Greetings! Here you can find songs made by "The Yearless Wanderer" (an alternative artist name). Most of them are metal songs, the actual circus of expectations is awaiting unknown beyond from here... So please, try not to mistakenly believe the end of the world starts from here, from this site. Just think of me as a member of the peacekeeping force of another kind. There are also more post-modern elements. Please, don't be funny enough to rate the earlier mixes by me like they were done with actual talent. Remember, it's meant to be fun... Feel free to change or alter the sound within the edges of fairness and safety if it suits your means better, the song files are made to feel proper in as many situations as reasonable. Not everyone have mentality to download large files and listen the smallest details! When it comes to my compositions, this is more an archive and less a certain marketplace...

Now, at first I haveto inform that it would take atleast two supercomputers to indicate how thankful I am to VRE, the invisible advisor in musical matters of most of my trackings... The master of rational unshaping and randomness. What does one have to achieve to turn you happy and content at the same time, even when it is impossible according to common sense. So here we are, with the most remarkable possibilities human society has ever before known, and then we have to decide whether to stay as friends, or the opposite. And what in any case would it take to really make you know I'm ever thankful for making possible for me to achieve such a reasonable totality.

Secondly, let it be mentioned that the songs are indeed as far from being on a stage of free samples as from being on the level of certain exchange. Why not take the easiest way for once... So yes, I know most of my songs don't sound very good when listening with other settings than I myself. But nevertheless, it shouldn't be far too difficult for one to figure out what are the adjustments needed in order to avoid assigning into a never-ending event. Try accepting the fact that no-one can help you if you can't help yourself at all, not even a single bit... Log off if you don't know what that means.

Come on, that's as humorous as claiming that a person, who was almost annihilated by a spider, doesn't have a right to be arachnophobic and to have a prejudice towards things that consist of eight limbs.

The tracks consist of ambiences that are left on a degree of a test-level sound, so don't feel uncomfortable for receiving without a decrease... We most likely won't be hearing music by me on a larger, job-size scale some day in the future. The final mixes of the songs would be needed to consider them merchandises, they are already a nice word for myself... So I don't get the feeling of releasing them at unreasonable odds. It's not what I deserve in return from applying an influence, it's what the audience. Everyone did need another change, not all will know where to start. Feel comfortable to consider at least twice if you would possess a curiosity for the uttermost editions by the artist himself, I'll see what I have to offer.

A couple of words about the musical direction of mine. There are two main influences in my songs, heavier metal is in a way the most important one. The other one is all only synthesizer oriented music. What also has an effect in my songs is that I am not making them for living, mostly for the curiosity to hear what it sounds like in the end. And to recognized through the works. Don't waste your life, instead, rather invest at some more impressive speakers if you don't receive the necessary blast right away. And if it sounds like krusty clown.

NOTE: The sample quality and other features are meant to be like they are, to avoid a possible wrong direction. I've uploaded only songs that I myself considered either nice, good or next to perfect, to mention... Rate the whole appearance of the song rather than the presumed causes of the artist, or don't rate at all. Everything is allowed only in humor, and will get what should ask.

ALSO NOTE: I didn't mean to fool with the sourced components... I thought they could fit, and they appeared to make the rights to the original. Not to mention the music of mine isn't really dependent on the elements in question, and it never was... I guess there can always be a sound that fits even better if there just was enough changes. Why remake if it sounds totally unknown? And should I be sorry for not providing all of the sources compulsory. After all, not everyone have degreelessness available... Besides, the law says they should be presented in a way demanded by the good manners. Not to mention every of the external sounds are, and were, assuredly half-bitrate of the compact disc standard at minimum. Guessedly one tenth at maximum... Upcoming entries of achievement are always possible. Give it a thought if you think deserving an informing more grand here and not being uncertain of it, as it's also my own ideal that everybody get the chat they deserve.

It's not my fault in practice if something doesn't please on musics or profile... The tracks for example were uploaded when it simply might have been a matter of even certain luck whether an action will happen or not. It can always be crucial not to deny the work from being available when many good reasons for doing so are evident. In other words, maybe the intervention should have happened immediately whether a thing is improved on the trackerment or not. The choice wasn't really, in a way, mine to make. I am not to blame if one can't guess a reason and doesn't have time to generously give attention to what is going in one's entrailment.

PS. Not good? Try to do better without knowing all about the outcome... And remember to learn about "fair use" contrasts and (preview) exceptions before doing anything. Isn't not to quote also deciding about the work? In theory (and practice) there are certain situations when it's allowed according to Law to leave on hold the taken for granted part of the copyright jurisdictions and put a smile on some poor suffering soul's face... Human rights declaration set decent living circumstances not only for the self-centered, but for everyone. You can always contact if you should have something changed, as it might have already been taken care of if there had been even more fine tuning features.

PPS. If you didn't understand any of the above, you might as well turn off the browser. One never knows how it turns out... And I didn't force to read the lame pages by me, maybe they weren't done with the most serious goals anyway. One knows how the rest goes... All the righteous ones, the unfailed on a piece of song.

"And it's sin for sin, and expect to pay, it just can't be anything aside love..." It's non of mine business if there's a need to ignore a horde of mere facts, still there was also a real undeniable point in the presuming by the true myself.

And if one is about to call the metallic sound a composition, might call it "extreme music". That's how it might appear as it also in the future.

All of the hypocritical, the faces have never been very up-lifting. To feel as a waning emptiness. More like the opposite and never getting all about how everything began. Come on, are you allowed to adjust the sounds of the song by me if it at first appears to sound, whatever the way it does, crappy or lame. Who is to blame if it was only a question of that which caused an impression of total rubbish?

Now seriously, about that metal compo song by me. I couldn't even think further of starting a whole new song within the certain period for the competition because of my school exams and my playing rehearsals, happening every now and then.

By takin' benefit of the entry of mine and it's certain parts, I could have made even a much better song, and sacrificing time and mental resources ofcourse.

Even without that composition you can see that the overall level of all the trackings by me is more or less pointed to the direction of being a successful entry, more or less asking for the overall shift of the finished sound.

Now I don't care what is considered about my part in the future, will the work of mine be considered to be a true winner or not. I wasn't obsessedly attracted to being famous in any point, and wouldn't really mind if I reached an utter oblivion sometime in the times not yet come. The main, and only, reason to participate was to point out, when it comes to me, that there really are heavy music that is actually made with a true inspiration and certain creativity... Instead of being merely just noise.

Finally, here's a little something to enlighten the thoughts and to bid good journey to elsewhere from the world of "music": About the global economic crisis... Well, isn't it so that everybody owe something to someone, atleast in the end. And some countries may be in debt to an economic force that also owe to the souther hemisphere, having put (also) people not yearning to be interrupted to work in bondage to advance it's scale to what it is today in the past. It is crucial to measure total amount people have sent to third world as charity and compare it to the debt... And prove there are still civilized people on this planet. Oh yes, the last but not the least: Why not buy a music album if it really appeals and belongs to one's personal taste? Let's say one has bought over one hundred cd records, doesn't even then one have a right to preview a work from the beginning to the end before pouring more efforts at the music. All until then, to the sea food place riezka-Landia I'm off.

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From: WandererOfDeis
02:01 on 22nd January 2019

All right, we all. The time has come to learn how to Adjust the sound devices if the speakers haven't shaken down away enough heavy thing spectators already... Perhaps a song won't have to be mixed loud to be loud: The volume knob hasn't been removed.

From: WandererOfDeis
23:51 on 1st October 2018

An alternative for changing equalizer values is to transpose the notation patterns... Just a song can be a true composition listened with a different tempo.

From: xFluing
18:42 on 2nd December 2017

Hey man I just wanted to let you know that I found this mysterious song in my Jazz Jackrabbit 2 files called "psychode", it was incomplete, it would cut off after 5 minutes, then after 2 or something years I found the full "psychode.xm" file and I was so happy I could listen to its full 7 minute glory, however I've yet to track down a source for 6 years now, until today! I found your page on this website, and made an account just to let you know how much I enjoyed psycho desert, probably one of the biggest mysteries of my life, thank you for the music, you are great, keep it up

From: Violette
18:02 on 20th February 2016

Hi there. I like your thought-provoking info. Will read it in entirety when I have time.

From: WandererOfDeis
13:15 on 14th September 2015

It's time to face it: A kind of hypernova cannot be expected through some tiny headphones, or a cricket's play through a gigantic p-a...

From: WandererOfDeis
02:53 on 29th April 2015

So now some special gratitude for the one whose place didn't ask for any spare wind before I entered the Life...

From: WandererOfDeis
02:25 on 20th February 2015

To make it easy for once: The louder the music is when it's being recorded doesn't necessarily add any loudness to it when it's being listened to... Perhaps the volume changes even to the opposite direction.

From: WandererOfDeis
05:34 on 8th February 2015

Let's widen a smile a bit more: Anyone can pose (except myself), but to make posing appear unessentially... Not many understand how that happens.

From: WandererOfDeis
04:29 on 22nd January 2015

There is a thing called called a volume knob... Maybe something should be done about that rather than the complexity level of a composition.

From: WandererOfDeis
17:23 on 14th November 2014

And actually one could try some alternative speaker directions to improve the sounds rather than having the sounds booming equally from both sides causing certain kind of headache...

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