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U4ia & F8 thats me. =8*)

I wrote Mods when the Amiga had just come out and Karsten Obarski decided to have the best idea of his life. If you don't know me, thats cool, I'm a bit old now =8*)

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From: analogmoz
15:02 on 6th February 2016


From: analogmoz
15:00 on 6th February 2016

20 years later, still a fan.

Time for a comeback!

From: Hibiki Ryouga
09:16 on 14th October 2013
Hibiki Ryouga

Hi Jim. I've loved your MODs since back in 1993. I made a triple CD album of your best tracks, and still listen to them today.
Why isn't Kickstart My Heart listed here? (one of most favorite)

From: RayTech
08:55 on 24th March 2012

Jim, I extend you the greatest praise I can raise! Your song mods were of the first I have ever heard-- I bought an Amiga 500 in 1992 and and within a few months I was listening to 1992, 1993.. fairy lights, 15k mod, and many others... it's awesome to see you still around!!!

From: gdwarner
00:09 on 11th March 2012

Jim! Long time!

For everyone else, check out my interview with Jim "U4ia" Young from back in the day:


From: Rob
15:22 on 10th January 2012

Some searching as per http://forums.modarchive.org/index.php?topic=509.0 has suggested that this mod may be by you? http://rguk.eu/upload/civcol.ogg

If so, what's it called?


From: magoghm
15:48 on 12th September 2011

Hello. Can I use your u4ia.mod music for a videogame?

From: dchomak
05:11 on 14th February 2011

BTW check out the message in "prisoner of love" by String. Similar sentiments as T H B 4 U

From: dchomak
05:10 on 14th February 2011

where is "live for tomorrow"?
one that is related to it, I believe is "above ground" by Maruku. Also Reverb used those samples in mod.redoubt.
I really enjoy your music, you are one of the best! My favorite is "This heart beats for you" If I remember correctly, I had to work very hard to convert it, by hand, to protracker when it first came out.

From: Storm
01:19 on 16th January 2011

Thanks for all the cool mods that I started to enjoy back in my Amiga days in '91 onwards. I used to host a BBS called The Shoikan Grove, back in '93, that had a good collection of your work for people to enjoy.

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