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U4ia & F8 thats me. =8*)

I wrote Mods when the Amiga had just come out and Karsten Obarski decided to have the best idea of his life. If you don't know me, thats cool, I'm a bit old now =8*)

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From: DaveCee
21:48 on 18th November 2022

I met Jim through Annie, from Lancashire. He dissed me due to her pulling the I'm pregnant routine. Still respect you Jim, just don't know why you won't respond. After all, you have two kids because of me... Mate, chill...

From: analogmoz
15:02 on 6th February 2016


From: analogmoz
15:00 on 6th February 2016

20 years later, still a fan.

Time for a comeback!

From: Hibiki Ryouga
09:16 on 14th October 2013
Hibiki Ryouga

Hi Jim. I've loved your MODs since back in 1993. I made a triple CD album of your best tracks, and still listen to them today.
Why isn't Kickstart My Heart listed here? (one of most favorite)

From: RayTech
08:55 on 24th March 2012

Jim, I extend you the greatest praise I can raise! Your song mods were of the first I have ever heard-- I bought an Amiga 500 in 1992 and and within a few months I was listening to 1992, 1993.. fairy lights, 15k mod, and many others... it's awesome to see you still around!!!

From: gdwarner
00:09 on 11th March 2012

Jim! Long time!

For everyone else, check out my interview with Jim "U4ia" Young from back in the day:


From: Rob
15:22 on 10th January 2012

Some searching as per http://forums.modarchive.org/index.php?topic=509.0 has suggested that this mod may be by you? http://rguk.eu/upload/civcol.ogg

If so, what's it called?


From: magoghm
15:48 on 12th September 2011

Hello. Can I use your u4ia.mod music for a videogame?

From: dchomak
05:11 on 14th February 2011

BTW check out the message in "prisoner of love" by String. Similar sentiments as T H B 4 U

From: dchomak
05:10 on 14th February 2011

where is "live for tomorrow"?
one that is related to it, I believe is "above ground" by Maruku. Also Reverb used those samples in mod.redoubt.
I really enjoy your music, you are one of the best! My favorite is "This heart beats for you" If I remember correctly, I had to work very hard to convert it, by hand, to protracker when it first came out.

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