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I come from Australia. I got into the mod scene as a kid (probably around 1995 some time). My dad had this old collection of 4 channel mods and this old player. From there I found a friend who lent me some disks with an actual tracker (Scream Tracker 3 at the time) and it was all she wrote. I found a copy of Impulse Tracker 2... it may have even been from the Mod Archive way back when and have been using it ever since.

I took a hiatus from modding in 2005 due to time demands and really a lack of motivation, but I'm hoping to get back into it and see where it takes me.

IRL I'm a web developer by vocation but I also have played drums for 15 years and a little piano. I also do some 3D rendering and have a deviantart account http://damiangray.deviantart.com/ (also on semi hiatus).

Anyway enough about me, I hope you enjoy my music.


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