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1st stage: 2000-2001 ---> Dj Mix, Y3K, Dj Power, Casanova, Klubbmasters; main labels: "Acid Records", "Future Dance"; first 12inch: "Blue Sky" [2000]; first CD: "Y3K 1.0" [2001]; another single: "The Mission" [2001];
Main influences: Brooklyn Bounce, Modern Talking ("Year Of The Dragon" album), progressive house/trance. The <Acid Records>, <Future Dance> eras;
Software: Fasttracker II, Orangator, Analog-X "Sayit!", Zerius Vocoder, ShrinkXM, Cubic Player 2.0 alpha++, XTC-Play 0.97c, Stomper Ultra++, Modplug Player.

2nd: 2002-2003 ---> Bass System was born. Other Projects: Beat Sequencer Tracks, Dj Unzip; Labels: "BST", "Beat Sequencer Tracks"; sub-labels: "The Master Of Deejays (MDJ)", "Expansiva";
Main influences: Blue System ("21st Century" album), 90s dance, progressive house/trance.
Software: Fasttracker II, Orangator, Analog-X "Sayit!", Zerius Vocoder, ShrinkXM, Cubic Player 2.0 alpha++, XTC-Play 0.97c, Paul's Sound Designer, Stomper Ultra++, Modplug Player.

Why this name??? Two reasons: 1) A cassette walkman I had at that time had a label printed saying "Bass Boost System"; 2) The "Blue System" band founded and produced by the German producer Dieter Bohlen, originally a blue jeans brand;

3rd: 2004-2006 ---> Other projects: Irium, Dim System, I-Vision, C9-La Creme, FM Bass, 1202 Feat. Graphixx; Main labels: "Itzel Entertainment", "Incognito", "BST All Stars", "The Far West Modules (FWM)/Crystal ME", "Infinity"; "Lydia's" Series LP [2005-2006]; Y3K second CD: "Y3K 2.5" [2005]; "The Gym" project album [2006]; 12inch single: "Indigo Bird" [September 2006]; The <C9-La Creme>, <New Age>, <The Gym>, <Y3K 2.5/Goten4i> eras;

Big success: my module "ARYX 2.5 [The Definitive 2005 Euro Remix]", a cover of the well-known Karsten Koch module, featured in the "Picture2Icon 3.x" keygen by JUNLAJUBALAM; (:

Main influences: Kraftwerk, Space Frog ("Welcome All Species" album), new age, 90s eurodance, freestyle, chiptunes and demoscene/vintage-gaming music.
Software: Fasttracker II, Modplug Tracker, GoldWave, MadTracker, Analog-X "SayIt!", Paul's Sound Designer, Modplug Player, Xmplay.

4th: 2007-2010 ---> Sub-label: "Access Denied"; <Supremat13 Era>
Main influences: Systems In Blue, industrial/metal, new age, chiptunes, demoscene/vintage-gaming music,
Software: Modplug Tracker, OpenMPT, GoldWave, ZynAddSubFX, Analog-X "SayIt!", D-Lusion's "RubberDuck", Modplug Player, Xmplay.

5th: 2013-now! ---> <Supremat7 Era>; Sub-label: "XPSeven Records"; Remixes, pending uploads and new 12inch edits [2017-2018].
Main influences: all of the above.
Software: OpenMPT, GoldWave, ZynAddSubFX, Audacity, Modplug Player, Xmplay.

Other data:

-First music software tried out: Anvil Studio (MIDI, 1999);

-Lots of modules deleted; some of them retracked as new versions here;

-Tried Impulse Tracker but never got used to;

-First PC: Intel PC 486DX4, 100 MHz, 32 Mb RAM, ESS1868 AudioDrive soundcard, Trident 3D Image videocard, Windows 95 (from 1999 to 2004);

-Second PC: Intel Celeron [Pentium II class] 333 MHz, 128 Mb RM, integrated sound and video cards, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000 (from 2004 to 2013);

-Third PC: Intel Celeron [Pentium 4 class] 1.8 GHz, Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz (2 HT cores), 1 Gb RAM, 4 Gb RAM, Windows XP, Windows 7 (from 2009 to 2013);

-Now: Intel Core i3 2.4 GHz (HT dual core, 4 HT cores), 6 Gb RAM, Windows 8, Windows 10 Lite, Windows 7 (from 2013 until now).

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