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April 14, 2003

Thanks for the feedback!

Big thanks to those who have contacted me in someway. I really appreciate every email I get, and I will always try to answer them. Thank you for your feedback.

I am working on a new synthpop tune which will hopefully be finished at the end of this month. Also, I am remixing Turrican II Maintitle which is about 50% finished. And I am thinking of uploading rest of my older stuff, but because they are very much "outdated" I decided not to do so at the time being :-)

About Anvil

I've been tracking for about 5 years now... sometimes less active sometimes active. I started off with Noisetracker but quickly changed it to Protracker when it came out. Most of my amiga tunes were horrible, and I really didn't do nothing serious stuff back then... except couple demo songs, which are (unfortunately) lost in time, somewhere in space ;-). My alltime favourite amiga tracker musicians are: Strobo, Heatbeat, Lizardking, Jogeir + few others (Huelsbecks Turrican II was doubt the best).

Currently I have Sigur Ros' Untitled in my CD player, but I usually listen to anything from rock to roll: Vangelis(Bladerunner is excelent!), Alice in Chains, Classical and sometimes when I feel strange - trance and house! :)

Feel free to write to me for any reason:


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From: Atekuro
01:15 on 20th August 2019

Anvil, you, Elwood, Awesome, Rage, Raven, Galgox, LizardKing, and Ghidorah have inspired me to begin tracking, I have improved from last year to feb of this year. without you guys, I would have never discovered that there are boundaries in a tracker. I use to track music .xm and .it format in OpenMPT, but not anymore, now I use FastTracker 2, and Impulse Tracker to compose music in. I'll still use OpenMPT, but I'll use .mptm format in it, I greet you for some of your samples, especially samples from Awesome, Rage, Raven, Galgox, LizardKing, Elwood, and Ghidorah, I still don't know if you still compose music or not, but I want to say thanks^_^


From: eXOdus
19:04 on 25th July 2013

You inspired me to begin tracking. Without you, I would have never discovered that there are no boundaries in a tracker. I learned a lot of techniques by digging through your songs (and also ripped a few samples here and there, every single one from The Love Trap). I hope that you are still composing music, and if you get this message, I just want to say thanks :-).

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