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  • 25th November 2018
  • 13th February 2008
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Greetings, fellow traveler.

I, Xaser, bring thee good tidings, as I have finally uploaded most of my noteworthy tracking ventures. Before you begin to explore the vast wilderness that is my artist page, be sure to pick up "Atlas Rising" and "Nosotros" to help fend off any stray crap-songs that might stumble across your path.

Alas, if you are not one of the rare few that enjoy (or at least don't mind) electronic music, the jungles of Xaser shall consume you with hatred towards the tunes within. If you happen to wander off the beaten path and require directions or assistance, feel free to contact me at xaser.88@gmail.com. But as for now, I bid thee farewell, and wish you good luck in your travels!

Welcome to Modarchive, Kate!
Keep up the slick 'mixes and the zaniness, I say!

Noteworthy Ventures

Atlas Rising (atlas_x.it)
- An Elwood-style epic. Still my best to date.
Nosotros (nosotr_x.it)
- Smooth yet powerful. The title means 'us'. A simple word, a vast meaning.
Chaos Theory (chaos_x.it)
- Fast-paced and energetic. Feel the beat, mate!
Kronos Anomaly (kronos_x.it)
- Progressive House. Lengthy, yet satisfying.
voxelbuffer (voxel_x.it)
- A fusion of hard rock and smooth electronic. Quite a departure from my usual style.
<Interrupt this Program> (intrup_x.it)
- A strange experiment, yielding even stranger results. Listen at your own risk?
Aliens Ate the Band (m0i-alin.it)
- Who needs sanity? This zany instrumental's unprovoked style changes are a must-have for those with a taste for the bizarre.

Global Warning

I've archived nearly all of my tracking results here, but as a result the quality is mixed. Chances are, if a song's filename doesn't end in "_X", it's older than death. The DDASH** series fall under much the same category but they're there at least for random interest. Also, don't always trust the song text or datestamps. I had a strange habit of inventing far too many aliases for one's own good.

Too many words, I apologize. Enjoy, you shall.

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From: keyboard monkey
15:12 on 28th October 2015
keyboard monkey

Hey hey, just dropping a line to say I've been enjoying your tracks the past few days!

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