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Good gravy greetings everyone! I'm finally back! It's only been a lazy 7 years :P.

I've got lots of "new" releases coming up that I've been slowly working on over the years, and I'm also concurrently keeping everything on my Trax In Space site.

For those who don't know me already: I started in 1995, began my main group UnCo! Whatever Productions in 1996, have been in a few other groups such as Optix, Rain and Inflicted along the way, and released a 220g blue vinyl LP entitled Emotions Gemini in 2002 (still available for AU$20 on vinyl or AU$5 on Bandcamp). Most of my music is chiptune, bitpop, or otherwise chip influenced. I rarely venture into other styles nowadays just because I enjoy the chip sounds so much, and have done since 1996, when I discovered the Heretics Deep Fried chipdisk, and Hunz became my number one influence.

Songs from Emotions Gemini have been played on radio stations such as JJJ, Radio Blue Mountains, FBi, 2SER and 2BOB FM in Australia, as well as various radio stations in Singapore, Iraq, Canada and the USA.

I've been gearing up for another vinyl LP release for over a decade now, and I've got finally another friend on board who wants to make it happen with a multimedia show, so watch this space for more interesting info.

Feel free to contact me for any reason, though sometimes I may not respond for a week as I get distracted. Thanks for visiting my page, and thanks for having an interest in the most amazing community in music by coming to The Mod Archive!

You will find that pre-2006 releases are under my previous alias, all files like that start with df-?????.mod.

Other sites I'm on:
Trax In Space
Nectarine Demoscene Radio
Reverb Nation
S3M.COM (no longer active)
Old unfinished Geocities website
UnCo!wp Myspace
Andy Abstract Myspace

E-mail andy.abstract.uwp@iinet.net.au

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