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Im Strobe! :D

I make chips, mainly using MilkyTracker!

I also like waffles.

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From: OldSchool Plm
17:44 on 16th December 2022
OldSchool Plm

strobe's new youtube page is https://www.youtube.com/@strobefluxarchive6830

From: OldSchool Plm
18:09 on 5th November 2020
OldSchool Plm

Strobe's Youtube channel is called Strobeflux fyi thankxs


From: DiR3C7_H4CK
23:57 on 29th March 2019

¬°Hello, Strobe/TiTAN! =D

From: Eriko
13:24 on 13th January 2015

Hi. I'm interested in using your "Chipset sunset" in my little game. I think is awesome! and it fits the theme of the game perfectly. Please tell me your conditions, if any. Thank you.

From: isaacrmhmd
02:26 on 28th September 2014

You're awesome man! Do you have an twitter account?

From: Drozerix
03:14 on 19th August 2012

You are one of my biggest inspirations. i remember listening to one of your tunes when i first downloaded MilkyTracker. You are frikin amazing!! how do you write such good music??

From: eliris
13:06 on 7th September 2011

more please!

From: Saga Musix
17:47 on 8th May 2009
Saga Musix

Mmmm, waffels!

From: DeRaNGeR
21:34 on 1st April 2009

great chip! you're majestic!

From: raina
02:03 on 24th March 2009

Yo mama!

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