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  • 4th October 2009
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From: Shere Khan
01:12 on 2nd October 2022
Shere Khan

There's so much great music here. Back in the day I was particularly a fan of the TBL stuff. I was at TG97, and Captured Dreams on a big screen certainly made one hell of an impression. Rivendell was also one of my favorite mods from that party. Other favorites include Tournesol, Emelie, Colours, I Realize, Dragon Atlas, Kookoo and Feels So Far. But everything from Nemesis and up is just great.

Guess I'll need to be checking out your Soundcloud now.

Hur bra som helst!

From: Enk
10:17 on 19th July 2020

Absolute cream of the tracked-music crop!

Radix/Rymdlego/Mosaik, I love and admire the sounds that you have made and continue to make! Massive respect!

It makes me imagine that you must have supreme beauty in your mind to be able to make music like this. You are one of the very best at what you do, no question!

Huge gratitude from a quiet corner of Australia for what you've shared with the world.

From: raveolution
00:25 on 6th October 2017

I just needed to add to my previous message - if you love Necros, make no mistake, Radix is Necros's equal. Andrew Sega and Five Musicians rightfully got talked about a lot when it came to mod music, but seeing as Radix's music is dated to around their time, he should have been recognized as one of the titans of the scene. He clearly displays the diversity of talent that we knew and loved about Necros, and his music is memorable and worth listening to even today. If there's a Mount Rushmore of the demo scene, Necros is Lincoln but Radix is definitely Roosevelt.

From: raveolution
18:35 on 29th March 2016

I never ran into your music when I was collecting mods back in the Golden Age of the 90s. I could be wrong but you might be from a later period. But your music is straight up Golden Age goodness. They don't make em like this anymore, sadly.

From: parsa99
07:47 on 14th September 2014

Greats, your very good.

From: Brittle the Bumblebee
23:42 on 13th August 2014
Brittle the Bumblebee

Every one of your songs (well, all or few of them) are fucking amazing, that's all.

From: ducode
23:30 on 7th December 2013

You're my favourite demoscene artist!

From: Ultrasyd
20:14 on 4th October 2009

I like it when everybody request some Radix's songs for an hour on Nectarine :) Everything you do is amazing

From: Saga Musix
00:58 on 14th March 2009
Saga Musix

<3 your music!

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