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Style: Classical, with the occasional foray into other genres and/or mixing of genres. (I also play real instruments sometimes, but rarely inflict my instrumental talents on the general public.)

Aliases: Mrvegas, Orpheus Circuit, Orkestra Synthetique, Herodotus and the Scythians.

Trackers used: Modplug (Open MPT), Milkytracker, Psycle.

Musical Philosophy: Write for yourself first. Enjoy music -- it is a wonderful hobby and brings a lifetime of joy.

Random Thoughts: Computers have removed the necessity for an individual to be able to play any particular instrument, and opened up an array of available sounds that could not have been dreamt of only a few decades ago. Computers have not, however, removed the necessity of knowing how to write music. There is no substitute for melody and harmony. (Well, except drums and special effects, of course.)

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