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I found MilkyTracker in the summer of 2007 and that's how I got started with tracking.

I've also been using other tools such as FL Studio before, but I like working with trackers more.

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From: phnixir
14:05 on 7th December 2020

Hello Unstruct!
Love your mods mate, I listen to them every night before sleep, Keep it up!

From: Unstruct To: NekoTheOtaku
14:13 on 6th May 2020

NekoTheOtaku: Hi Neko!

Sure, that sounds find, go ahead :)
What kind of video is it, something for YouTube?

Re: Hello :) May I use your mod (Telos) to my video? :)

From: NekoTheOtaku
16:33 on 5th May 2020

Hello :)
May I use your mod (Telos) to my video? :)

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