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  • i Modules in Archive: 313
  • i Overall Member Rating: 7.8 (from 42 comments).
  • i Overall Reviewer Rating: 5.8 (from 1 reviews).
  • i Total Downloads: 84949
  • i Stats Updated: 2019-07-20 05:10:08
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Maran Project was spotlit on:

  • 7th February 2014
  • 10th November 2011
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I just changed my artist signature, from now on I will be mpxVM, which comes from Maran Project, X from Experiment and VM from Virtual Music ;)


I start this project idea from 1999. It's a hobby for me. I do this when i have free time. I usually play and listen and also compose house / trance and garage dance style. I do my music in music tracker named MAD Tracker or Sk@le Tracker. I used for my project names like Dumpyman(1999), Bizar(2000) and now Maran Project (starting with 2007).

All songs patterns are in XM files, 20-40 instruments, 32 channels. SkaleTracker/MilkyTracker remain the best tracker for me and My first tracker was FastTracker v2.08 in 1998-2001.

My plans for the future are to produce also video clips for 50% of my songs. If you enjoy my music and you have suggestions about videos , ideas, don't hesitate to write me a letter - email and tell me your visions.


For News and Latest Tracks visit my youtube profile:

Official Maran Project Page:

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From: gambit - ben yosef
15:04 on 19th March 2019
gambit - ben yosef

thank's for the favor(rates)
i appricate that ...

please listen 2 my "latest project"
(((they wont let post it on "sound-cloud"
due copyright...and they're right...
but i still need some opnion's )))


From: Psirius
12:30 on 13th October 2018

:) :) :) :)

From: Psirius
23:59 on 22nd March 2018

Hey Maran! I am not very given time to write messages, and now that I can, and I have more time I'd rather be creating, so if I do reply to all, and to look at a lot of jobs, does not advance. But some day I will be saying something. You make a point, because I see that I've rated quite a few jobs and to thank you personally. Here you have a friend for when I need it. a greeting, strength and inspiration for all artists!

From: Maran Project
09:13 on 20th February 2014
Maran Project

Yesterday I start my first chiptune song or at least something that sounds like a chiptune. The amazing part is that, meantime I got another song idea wihch can be also performed as chiptune, trance tune or dubstep tune :D

From: DigiDz
17:37 on 13th June 2012

thank you for the favourites! ^^

From: Maran Project To: Peak
13:23 on 10th June 2012
Maran Project

Peak: I publish the xm remix file and it is on pending, probably next week will be listed on modarchive :)

Re: Wow! Your cracks and chips remix was awesome. Keep up the good work.

From: Peak
01:27 on 6th June 2012

Wow! Your cracks and chips remix was awesome. Keep up the good work.

From: Meztli Blue
01:28 on 16th March 2011
Meztli Blue

Thank you so much for module review! I'm glad to share my stuff; I always do my job using what I call my own style, i.e., some mix of electronic sounds I've heard for years, thanks! ^_^

From: Maran Project
17:55 on 20th February 2011
Maran Project

I add New fresh songs on modarchive today. Enjoy! :)

From: Maran Project
08:32 on 20th August 2010
Maran Project

I uploaded yesterday some new songs which I made between 1999 and 2009.. wow.. 10 years gone!

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