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Hi! My name is Andrew and I'm very pleased that You've payed attention to my profile.

It's really hard for me to fill this page with any useful info.

My first inspiration by tracked music was in 1992 (yeah.. I'm old man 8) when I saw demos on a PC.
Later I downloaded some other tracks (besides sound-tracks from demos) from local BBS and discovered the great world of computer-made music. For a long time I listened to then via Inertia Player, but then I've got Cubic Player and saw a "track view". I was completely under its spell.

In 1995, after reading some manuals I've downloaded my first tracker - Scream Tracker and made few attempts of composing.
As far as I'm don't have any music education the result was.. em.. well it was awful as most of first steps of any kinds. 8)
I started with re-sampling and "remixing" of old-school tracks I've enjoyed earlier.
From 1997 I used Impulse Tracker to create some worthy tunes.

Almost all my own tracks I composed to my (ex-)girlfriend Xony. 8)

My favorite artists from old-good-times are:
Michiel van den Bos, Vic, Siren, Purple Motion, Elwood, Little Bitchard.

Since 2003 haven't touched any Tracker. Just listen only... 8(

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From: Dinaiz
03:28 on 7th April 2010

Just to say your story is so sad :-(

You stopped composing because you're not with this girl anymore ?
It's true that girls are often our muses when it comes to music, however, I think it's a bit a pitty that you don't write music anymore

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