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  • i Stats Updated: 2019-08-18 05:05:19
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Hello! Name's Rich Craig, and I've been tracking since 1998 with ModPlug Tracker. I still use it exclusively to write 100% of my music with only VST plugins used to embellish. My stuff ranges from my older, painfully corny music to my newer, heavily-chiptune-inspired style, and of course there's everything else along the way. I am hoping over time to archive more of my original tracker files here, and if you would like to hear my prerecorded music, check out youtube.com/rchrdcrg (you may need to scroll past some gaming videos, I do both, haha!)

Thanks for checking out my profile, and keep on trackin'!

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From: rchrdcrg To: DJ Dementonator
17:52 on 17th August 2019

DJ Dementonator: Haha, I'm just now getting to this a year later! I'd love to collab with someone!

Re: I made a mod that is not quite uploaded. Would you like to collab?

From: DJ Dementonator
21:10 on 8th December 2018
DJ Dementonator

I made a mod that is not quite uploaded. Would you like to collab?

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